Thursday, September 05, 2013

Last things

Last thing I did before bed: Set my alarm and set my ringer to silent

Last thing I ate: Just finished up some Almond Butter pancakes--my favorite breakfast!

Last thing I bought for myself: Revlon lip butter in pink truffle--a great neutral shade and cheaper than my Clinique chubby stick.

Last place I swiped my debit card: Freddy's. I took my older kids for custard after school yesterday. Shhhhhhh...don't tell their little sister.

Last person I talked to on the phone: My friend, Terri.

Last person I texted: My boss.

Last photo I took with my phone: Abbey 'thought' she was taller than me on her tip-toes and I told her she wasn't, so she made me take a photo to prove it. Looking at it now, she might have been right.

Last song I listened to on my iPod: Best Song Ever (chosen by my carpool kiddos!)

Last time I went to the doctor: April. For my yearly exam. Awe.some.

Last thing I lost: My mind? Just kidding. I lost my earbuds but found them yesterday!

Last time I laughed out loud: At dinner last night. We always have the craziest dinner conversations at our house. Our kids are funnnny!

Last time I cried: Last night while listening to this song by the Goo Goo Dolls because my husband called me his "sweetest friend". I am so blessed I tell ya.

Last thing that frustrated me: realizing that a load of laundry got washed with liquid fabric softener instead of detergent. I asked one of my kiddos to start a load for me and in hindsight, I probably should have given that particular child a refresher course first. For the record, I re-washed it with detergent and now it's super soft and smells twice as nice.

Last tv show I watched: Duck Dynasty.

Last thing I gave away: Well, I tried to give a bag of kid's clothes to my friend but she was so influenced by Jen Hatmaker's book "7" (which was our spring Bible study at church) that she graciously declined to accept them. Her reason was that she already has a ridiculous amount of clothes for her daughter and has no business adding more. I tried to tempt her but she stayed strong and helped me brainstorm about whose hands I could put them in that *really, truly* needs them. I think several in our "7 group" finished that study last spring with true change taking root in our hearts and lives. I LOVE that. SO much.


Miss G said...

Yes about 7! It is so easy to take what is offered and stuff more into overcrowded closets! Guilty!! This month the three oldest members of my family (babies have diaper blowouts, spit up, etc. but to be honest I'm having fun with baby girl clothes too) are wearing just seven outfits each. It is freeing actually. I am learning some things. More is not necessarily better at all. Soo much to learn and process here . . . Kelly

Miss G said...

p.s. I would love to hear more about finding people who really need our stuff.

Judy said...

Love that song!

Kimberly said...

Long time, no see! You look great!