Thursday, September 26, 2013

SMP 9.26.13

SMP = Seven Minute Post

I don't know about where you live but fall has arrived in Colorado and I am LOVING our weather of late. It has been perfect! Look at this forecast? Seriously perfect!
We had great luck last week shopping for a Homecoming dress for Sarah! Afterwards, we bopped in Charming Charlie and found some jewelry (cheap!) and still need to find some shoes but we have a day or two to get that wrapped up. Homecoming is this weekend. She's going with a group of friends which is just the way I like it. :)

I am SO excited about the season premier of Parenthood tonight. I'm sort of sad that NBC moved it to Thursday nights because it now conflicts with Thursday Night Football, but I can deal. Smile.

Funny story about Parenthood: Last month I was having dinner with some friends and one of them said, "OH my gosh you guys, I FINALLY watched Parenthood and I am hooked." Another friend, not realizing that our friend was in the process of working her way through all the seasons inadvertently gave away a pretty big spoiler which may or may not have caused our friend to break out in concerned tears over this plot line. Tears. Real live tears for a fictional character. It was sort of funny and yes, we LAUGHED, but it was also sort of sweet because if you watch the show you know that the characters feel real to you. They're very well written and so very relatable! This friend may or may not have texted me a few days later to tell me she was praying for that same fictional character. Good friends can handle each other's "crazy". 

Hope y'all have a rockin' day! I'm going to try my very best to find 20-30 minutes to take a much-needed nap. So I can stay awake for the Bravermans tonight. Wish me luck!


OhioFamOf4 said...

Parenthood is our favorite, especially since we have a son with Asperger's. So excited the new season is starting.

whimzie said...

The writing and the acting on this show are the best. Capital L love it and I've MISSED MY BRAVERMANS!!!!!