Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My brain thinks it is Tuesday

Long weekends are GREAT but they play tricks on my brain. I know today is Wednesday but my brain is in Tuesday mode. And yesterday felt like a Monday.


Here are some pics from my phone from our weekend.

Our teenagers were out with friends on Friday night so John and I got to hang with our "baby" and our baby wanted ice cream. It was a nice evening! We drove around Palmer Lake for a little bit as we were leaving, hoping to see a bear (that's always my wish when I'm in Palmer Lake) but had to be content with seeing a handful of deer.
Saturday, the five of us trekked down to Costco and grabbed some Mexican food on the way. Hacienda has GREAT outdoor seating but it started raining so we ate inside.
Of course we had to see the 1D movie. I thought it was great! Abbey did too. Sarah went with friends on Friday and evidently they had a theater-full of crazed fans. Our showing was pretty tame.
Monday morning, I got up and walked and our usual trail was overtaken by hundreds of runners. There was a marathon that morning (America's Discovery Trail, or something like that) and it was really neat to see those runners out en masse. I got home from walking and ran to Starbucks for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and had to stop at the crosswalk for the runners to cross...and there were lots of them. Very cool! An the latte wasn't so bad. I love how the fog is lower than the mountains in the photo below.
I might have been sad Monday evening about going back to school and work if I hadn't had my fantasy football draft party to look forward to. Oh my word. It was a HOOT! About 3/4 of our league showed up to draft together and it was super fun! I have a great team...I'm so excited about football.
That's all I've got this morning. I have a VERY full day ahead so adios, amigas! Happy Hump Day!

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Miss G said...

Hope your very full day was good! Love some Hacienda! Kelly