Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another week in pictures

How about another round of my week in photos?

Abbey's friend spend the night with us on Monday and our plan was to get up and go to the pool on Tuesday. Sadly, we woke up to a cold, cloudy day with little chance of temps climbing out of the 60s so I gave them the choice of seeing a movie or going bowling at Bass Pro Shop. They chose bowling.
Shark! I crack myself up.
It has been a chilly, rainy week and I thought a puzzle would be a fun afternoon distraction. I love puzzles, always have. I have really good memories of putting puzzles together with my grandmother.
I discovered this yummy popcorn this week. I love sriracha and this snack did not disappoint. YUM! Beware, it's got some kick to it. That's why I love it.
I haven't made this roasted veggie and rice dish in a really long time but it was a great way to use up some squash and zucchini I had in the fridge. It's delicious and easy. Pair it with a roasted chicken ($5 from Costco) and you've got a quick, tasty meal!
Puzzle progress!
This cutie and I had a girls night out on Thursday. We went to see Earth to Echo (we really liked it) then shopped for a few things she needed for her trip to Arkansas next week. She talked my head off and I loved every minute of it. Abbey has really missed her sister this week.
I haven't hiked as much as I'd hoped to this summer, but a friend invited me to go yesterday and I was grateful for a chance to get outside. I was even more grateful for a beautiful SUNNY day after a week of weird weather.
I had lunch with a sweet friend one day...I liked what was inside my fortune cookie. Positivity is good.
Sure wish someone would have told me my sweater was on wrong side out yesterday afternoon. I was out running errands and John told me after I got home. Ironically he'd been out running errands with me. SERIOUSLY? He didn't notice? I am a D-O-R-K.
Finally finished our puzzle. Now what to work on next?
This is my favorite kind of morning--in bed with my coffee and computer. I laughed when I took this picture because IRONY! Unplug? Ha. Obviously, I'm not unplugged this morning.
Happy Weekend, everyone!!!!!! 


Betsy Maddox said...

That sounds like a fun week! I love puzzles too! I have a really pretty North Carolina puzzle I hope to finish before school starts back. You also have the BEST places to hike! So jealous! :)

Amy said...

The sweater pic is my favorite! We can all identify!!!