Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SMP 7.22.14

SMP = Seven Minute Post

Good morning and Happy Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. Mondays are my busy, busy day but Tuesdays are usually unplanned and laid back for me. I woke the girls up a few minutes ago and asked if they wanted to go to the pool since it's finally sunny and hot, but they both said no and rolled right back over. Well, alrighty, I guess we're not going to the pool today so that leaves my day wide open! I'll take it. I'm starting to feel sad about school staring back in a few weeks. I'm not ready to give up these long, lazy days. 

Switching gears...

We've lived here for almost eleven years and last evening I discovered a beautiful park in Colorado Springs that I didn't even know existed. It was so tranquil, not to mention GORGEOUS! I have big plans to do some more exploring there in the very near future. It's always fun to discover new things to love about where you live. 
I don't usually find Will to be my "chatty" kid but last night I had a few hours alone with him and he was super talkative. I love that kid and am so proud of who he is becoming. This coming year is going to be a big one for him but he is already navigating his way with confidence, purpose, humor, and some really great friends by his side. 

My seven minutes are up and my wide-open day is beckoning. Peace out, peeps. 

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Miss G said...

where is the park? I'd love to visit and even have a couple of older hamburger buns stuck in the door of my freezer to let my kids feed to the ducks! Kelly