Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

There are a couple of food and nutrition blogs I read that do a "What I Ate Wednesday" post each week and maybe I'm a nerd but I find it fascinating to see what others eat. 

I remembered to take pics yesterday, so this is really What-I-Ate-Tuesday-but-I'm-posting-on-Wednesday-because-the-title-flows-better kind of post. 

Breakfast (around 7:30AM):
Two cups of coffee (with splash of almond milk) and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology blended with almond milk, fresh raspberries, and pineapple. I've tried to give up coffee y'all but I just can't. It's a simple pleasure and it's staying. Forever.
Mid morning snack (around 10:00AM): Raspberries and blueberries. Yummmmm. Berries of any sort are my very favorite. I ate almost half of this container before remembering to take a picture!
Lunch (around 11:30AM): I had some mixed greens in the fridge that I needed to use up so I topped that with some yellow cherry tomatoes, purple onion, diced orange pepper, craisins, and some leftover quinoa. I drizzled some balsamic vinaigrette and some olive oil over it all and called it lunch. It's basically a clean-out the fridge salad...and it was tasty!
Mid afternoon snack (around 2pm): Yogurt. This pomegranate flavor is my favorite.

I started making dinner around 5pm and snacked on some slices or orange bell peppers (forgot to take a picture of that snack!)
Dinner (5:30pm): Grilled hamburger patty topped with tomato and avocado, oven roasted sweet potatoes, and cherry tomatoes. I also added ketchup to my sweet potatoes after I snapped this picture. 

And there you have it--What I Ate Wednesday.

A few months ago, I did the 21 Day Fix. It's a nutrition/fitness program that comes with portion control containers and an eating plan that takes the guess work out of losing weight. It's been months since I did the program but I find myself referring to the eating plan often as a way to make sure I fuel my body with the right combination of foods.

Here's how yesterday stacked up on the 21 Day Fix eating plan.
Based on my weight and my calorie needs, I should eat:
3 green containers (veggies)
4 red containers (lean protein)
2 purple containers (fruit)
2 yellow containers (healthy carbs)
1 blue container (healthy fats)
1 orange container (salad dressings)

Here's how I did:
3 green containers: salad greens (2) salad veggies (1) snack/dinner (1) = 4
4 red containers: Shakeology (1) yogurt (1) hamburger patty (1) = 3
2 purple containers: fruit in Shakeology (1) berries (1) = 2
2 yellow containers: quinoa on salad (1) sweet potatoes (1) = 2
1 blue container: avocado on burger (1) = 1
1 orange container: dressing on salad + oil for sweet potatoes = 1

I was short on protein. I could have remedied that by adding some chicken to my lunchtime salad but quinoa is packed with protein so I'm going to assume I got enough. The almond milk is considered a yellow container, which I just realized I didn't count, and I didn't count the craisins or ketchup either but you know, I'm not a stickler about that stuff. I don't count calories. I don't stress about carbs. I just try to put real, healthy food in my body! I should probably do a post like this for days that I don't eat so clean...because believe me, I have days like that too! 

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Jennifer said...

Mer, I saw this today & thought of you when I saw your food post a few minutes later:

Am going to try my first Shakeology either today or tomorrow for lunch! Thanks again!!!