Sunday, December 18, 2005


I bought a 5lb box of "Cuties", or clementines, on Friday, and they were such a hit with the kids that I bought another box this afternoon. They're super easy to peel, and they're seedless too, so they're very kid-friendly. My kids eat 2-3 at a time! In fact, they finished off that first box before lunch on Saturday!!!

We LOVED the Narnia movie! I took Will yesterday, and John took Sarah after church this afternoon. It was pretty intense, and a little scary at times, but they both really enjoyed it, and so did their parents. We've read the first three books in the series, so I think after Christmas we might try to work our way through books 4-7. John and I also finished up our Christmas shopping on Friday night. It is a GREAT feeling to be completely finished! Now, I just have to wrap everything!

It's been snowing all weekend. It's a really fine, powdery snow, and it's just been lightly falling since yesterday morning. We don't have significant accumulation which is good, but it is sooooo cold.

I just finished addressing all of our Christmas cards, and I hope to mail them tomorrow. Here's a bit of trivia for you...we mail about 250 cards each year to friends and family in 20 different states. We have friends and family scattered all over the United States...from coast to coast! It's fun to go through the list each year and remember the connection to each person we mail a card to. Some are friends from high school, college, seminary, and lots of them are friends from churches that we've been a part of. Sending cards is a Christmas tradition that we love.

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