Thursday, December 08, 2005

Well I was going to mop my kitchen floor this morning because the snow makes such a mess, but when I went to get my mop and bucket out of the garage, it was frozen solid. Seems I didn't pour the water out last time I mopped and the mop was stuck in a block of frozen mop water. So...I simply crossed that chore off my list. I'm sure my floor will still need mopping when it finally thaws out.

I've been working on a volunteer project in our community called Christmas for Kids. It's similar to the Angel Tree project and I've been overwhelmed with the generosity of this community. This afternoon, I collected gifts from two churches and one office in town. Our beloved Minnie-the-van was so packed after the first stop that I had to go unload everything and then go back for more. I collected two van loads of gifts from 3 places! It was really good for me to see such an outpouring of love, kindness, and generosity. Most of the folks I talked to when collecting the things this afternoon commented on how much fun they had doing it! It's been a rewarding project to work on, and I hope to be a part again next year.

Tonight I took the night off and went to Colorado Springs. I get a little stir-crazy after being in the house for a few days...especially with all the kids at home. John was gracious to let me go. He fed the kids, helped them with their homework, and put them to bed. He told me when I got home that I would have hated dinnertime...he fixed something different for everyone! I don't do that very often. I usually make them eat whatever I prepare. I guess it was as much a treat for them as it was for me. I did a little bit of Christmas shopping and then met a friend for dinner. It was great! Thanks, John!!!

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