Thursday, December 22, 2005

Will got new glasses last week and they came in yesterday. We found out about this time last year that he had failed the vision screening at school and needed to see the opthamologist. Her diagnosis was amblyopia and as a result, his left eye is very weak. This summer, we did about 12 weeks of vision therapy to strengthen that left eye, and he made some great progress. Anyway, his glasses broke beyond repair last week and were not under warranty, so we let him choose some new frames. They look great. Oh...and this time, we spent a little more money and bought a pair with a 2-year warranty!

We're getting really excited about Christmas. This week we've gotten 4 large packages in the mail filled to the brim with gifts! The kids have been begging to open them. It hasn't worked, so they've resorted to negotiating, "I'll clean up my room if you'll let me open one!" So funny! Don't worry, I haven't caved to their woeful pleas!

Tuesday night, I met some friends in Denver for a Girls Night Out. We had dinner and then went to see a movie--The Family Stone. I thought it was hilarious. If you get a chance to see it, do. It's very funny, but sweet too. And if you have any dysfunction whatsoever in your family, it will make you smile!

I had another Girls Night Out last night with Sarah and Abbey. I took them to a birthday party for one of their favorite friends. It was very fun. It was at a nearby family fun center. They have a huge play area for preschoolers...with a dress-up area, beauty shop, firetruck, pet shop, art center, playground, a HUGE sandbox, and more! They were in kid-heaven!

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