Sunday, December 04, 2005

I just logged on and the weather icon at the bottom of my screen says it is 7 degrees outside right now. Let me tell you that is COLD!!! It didn't get out of the twenties today and we aren't supposed to be above freezing until the end of the week. Thankfully our house stays pretty warm because we can't get Abbey to wear warm clothes. She prefers to run around the house in a leotard and tutu most of the time. She takes her socks off the minute we come inside. Sometimes I have to put them back on her two or three times before we even leave the house. In October, I packed away all the kids summer clothes and pajamas. Well, Abbey has a pair of Sarah's old pajamas that she loves to wear. It's a pair of shorts and a tank top with three Disney princesses on the front. When Abbey couldn't find them, she went downstairs with Sarah and got into the box of summer clothes and has been wearing them ever since. I've tried to sneak them back into that box in the basement, but she throws a royal fit when she can't find them. We usually just let her wear them to bed, then go add some extra layers before we turn in for the night.

Right now, she's playing in the laundry basket, and has surrounded herself with her "friends". Her friends include Curious George, a couple of dolls, some stuffed animals, and some plastic horses. It's pretty cute to listen to her carry on a conversation with all of them.

Abbey decided to serenade us on the way home from church with her version of Jingle Bells. She has the chorus down very well, but the "dashing through the snow" verse is quite hilarious. I'm going to have to make a recording of her singing it. It is really cute.

The roads here are still very icy and even though the sun came out for a little bit today, not too much melting happened. I will be very surprised if they have school tomorrow. At best, I think they'll have a delayed start. I'm anticipating them being home, so they're getting to stay up a little later than usual tonight.

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