Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Having a three-year old around is such great entertainment. Abbey and I have been home this morning. I've been cleaning, and she's been playing with her "activity set". Each of my kids has a nativity set that their Mimi and Papa have given them. Every year at Thanksgiving, they get a new piece for it...and they think it is the grandest thing. Abbey loves the camels, donkeys, and sheep. She likes Mary and Joseph too, but her favorite is baby Jesus. It's so cute listening to her give voices to the characters and make up stories with them. I love it! She's convinced it's called an activity set, no matter how hard I try to get her to say nativity. Funny! She's had me in stitches this morning. She's quite the conversationalist these days. She interrupted me while vacuuming the den to tell me that my vacuuming was "exhausting her" and she'd really like me to stop. She told me the floor was clean and I needed to stop. Apparently she couldn't see all the goldfish crumbs she spilled earlier. But you know what, she was right...the floor was clean enough. So, I stopped vacuuming, and took some time to play with her and the "activity set". We had a blast!

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