Saturday, March 11, 2006

Funny stuff

My kids say some really funny things. I try to remember them all but of course that's impossible. However, I have a couple of recent things to pass on...

Will: "Dad, don't ever leave the "er" off of butter." (That's a word he's not allowed to say!)

Sarah: We were leaving some friend's house the other night and Sarah told us that their daughter said the "d" word and the "s" word. Upon further inquiry, we learned that Gracie said D-A-N-G and S-T-U-P-I-D...again, words we don't say at our house, but much better than what I was expecting to hear!

Abbey: I was sitting in my bedroom floor this afternoon and trying to get Abbey to come sit in my lap and look at something with me. She obviously didn't want to and her excuse was that if she stayed in my bedroom, she'd want to look at my bed, and that would make her want to jump on it (which isn't allowed) so she just needed to "get outta here". Funny.

Switching subjects, let me tell you that John has gotten a lot of affirmation lately about his writing. It has been a big boost for him. I try to encourage him often, but it means something different when he hears it from other sources. We're grateful for the encouragement that has come his way this week.

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