Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday... John and Abbey. Abbey is four years old today, and John is thirty-nine! We began the day opening gifts, then Abbey had her choice of breakfast--cinnamon rolls. We didn't have a big party for either of them, just a simple family celebration, complete with a Belle cake. (Belle is the princess in Beauty and the Beast.) John was a great sport to share the Belle cake with Abbey. Abbey got a princess scooter but because we still have snow outside, she had to ride it in the house. Times like these are when an unfinished basement is a good thing. She had a fun day! John had a busy day, but we're going to watch a movie together in a little bit, and hopefully we can have a date night next week when we have a free babysitter. His parents are arriving Monday and will spend the week with us. It's Spring Break and the kids will be out of school, so it's a great time for them to come and we're getting really excited!

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