Monday, March 13, 2006


The calendar tells me it should be spring, the sunshine tells me it should be spring, and retailer's advertisements tell me it should be spring...BUT nothing around here looks much like spring. We have snow on the ground (it snowed all day yesterday) and icy roads, and the bank sign said 24 degrees when I took the kids to school this morning. It still feels and looks like winter around here!!! And though I love it here in Colorado, spring is one of the things I miss. We do have a spring, but usually in late May. The first year that we lived here, I found myself planting petunias and other annuals in JULY. One July, (in Arkansas) I tried to get some bedding plants to spruce up my yard. There were none to be found. So, all of you in the South, enjoy your daffodils. Enjoy your azaleas and tulips and butterflies. Enjoy your green lawns and the pear trees that will soon blossom. Enjoy the warm temps and eating dinner on your patio/deck. Enjoy SPRING!

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