Thursday, March 09, 2006

Today is a beautiful Colorado day. Lots of sunshine and temps in the upper 50s. A drastic change from yesterday--it snowed all day long and was very cold. Most of that snow is melted now, but the roads were a little icy this morning. I was hoping for a delayed start, but no such luck. April is actually our snowiest month, so I'm guessing we have a few more snow-days or delayed-start mornings to come.

Today was my morning to work in the library at the kids school. I'd been re-shelving books for a while and looked up to see my sweet husband standing there with a steaming cup of Starbucks chai latte in his hand. Just for me! My favorite. Wasn't that sweet? It was a nice surprise...and so nice of him to bring it to school for me!

A funny thing...last night the kids were brushing their teeth before bed and John asked me if I knew where the crust was?!??? What??? He was mimicking Abbey. She like to brush her teeth with the "crust toothpaste". Apparently she's not fond of Crest...unless you pronounce it crust. Smile!

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