Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random News

The wind started blowing this morning about 4am...and when I say blowing, I mean BLOWING. I am a very sound sleeper, but the rattling shutters and screens woke me up. It even blew our gas grill over. I'd say that is some strong wind.

Next week my baby will be FOUR years old. Her daddy will be 39. Most of you know that those two share a birthday. Isn't that neat? Abbey is counting down the days...eight more, which we mark on our caledar every day. I asked her yesterday after preschool what mommy was going to do when she turned four. She told me I would cry. She's probably right. She tells everyone that she wants princess stuff and real make-up. She wanted real make-up for Christmas and didn't get it, so I'm guessing she'll keep asking until she does. We'll see.

Last night John and I watched the movie Seabiscuit. It's one of those movies, like Cinderella Man, that we've rented countless times from Blockbuster and borrowed from the library at least 5 times and always returned unwatched. So we finally watched it. And it was beautiful. I don't think that if I had watched it any of the previous times I've had it that it would have spoken to me the way it did last night. If you haven't seen it, you simply must! It's great.

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