Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The countdown begins...

2 more days until school starts for us...

I'm a little worried because two of my three children woke up this morning about 8:30am. In two days, we'll be leaving for school at 8:30 am. And at least one of my children is a slow mover. Thursday and Friday might be interesting.

We found out yesterday who our children's teachers are. So thrilled about that! Will and Sarah both got the teachers they were hoping for, and I'm so grateful. Both are wonderful teachers, and both are Christians. John and I have been praying about their teachers all summer, and I think that once again God abundantly answered our prayers. We're happy and optimistic that this will be another great year. We'll get to meet Abbey's teacher tomorrow. She's new to our school this year, but we've heard some really good things about her.

I keep forgetting to mention that I have a new job. I start Thursday as well. I'll be keeping one of Will's best buddies every morning. He'll come about 7am, eat breakfast with us, and play with Will until we leave for school. And I get $10/day. Easy money. I'm excited about having some "mad money" and Will is excited that he gets to play with his friend every single day. Seriously, "C" is a great kid, and one of the most well-behaved of Will's friends. He's a funny kid too and makes me laugh every time he's over, so this should be a fun adventure for all of us.

Today is full of errands and such. Will broke his crocs yesterday afternoon, and so we're off to replace them. Also need to gather a few more supplies for school, and stop by Barnes and Noble. Sarah desparately wants to spend her money on the soundtrack to High School Musical 2 that comes out today, so that's on the list as well. All three of my kids are dying to see the High School Musical 2 movie that premieres on Disney on Friday, but we don't have cable, so we're hoping to distract them with a camping trip this weekend. More about that later...

And oh, I made my placemats. I'll post some pictures of those later too...gotta run!


Robin Green said...

I am completely new to all this school stuff, but my kids all seemed to enjoy their first day yesterday. They are at a small Christian school, so the atmosphere is just wonderful. I had no idea the new HSM Cd was coming out today. We don't have cable either, and my kids are so upset that they won't get to watch the premiere. They were trying to think of who they could get to invite them over.

Holly said...

Would you like to come over to the Smith house and have double-family night on Friday? We order pizza (probably Papa Murphey's) and then we'll watch High School Musical 2. Hey the adults could even play a game! Chris and I both would love for your family to come!!

But camping sounds like so much fun, too!

I had a wonderful lunch with you today---thanks for getting me out of the house...a well needed time.