Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Our kids have been wanting a dog forever. And I really do mean forever. I can't remember a time that they weren't asking for one. Sometimes the asking turns to begging, and that has been the case this summer. And I can't say we didn't ask for it. In an attempt to put them off a little, John told them last summer, that we could get a dog this summer.

Before I go any further, let me assure you that I have nothing against dogs. I like 'em. I don't love them the way some people do, but I like them. It's just that our house is really small, and I'm unsure about keeping one inside. And we live in Colorado, where it gets cold and snows a lot, and so I just don't know how a dog would do outside. I'm just so wishy-washy about the whole thing.

Their asking begging has intensified this week, and they've completely worn us down in the dog department, so it looks like we'll be getting a dog soon. One morning before John left, he told them to make a list of the dogs they like. It was a collaborative effort, and this is the list of breeds they came up with.

Yesterday morning I was reading on my bed, and I could hear them talking across the hallway about dogs, of course. They were in Will's room looking at his daily dog calendar, and these are some highlights of their conversation:

W: Oh, Sarah, look at this one.

S: It's adorable.

A: Yeh, it's adorable, let's get one of those.

All in unison: Awwwwwww, they're all so cute.

S: Should we get an inside dog, or an outside dog?

Long pause.

A: How about an inside AND outside dog?

All: Yeh, great idea!

W: I like this one with the sleek, black fur. (He gets bonus points with mom for using the word sleek!)

S: What should we name our dog when we get one?

A: How about Rocky?

S: No, and we all have to agree on a name.

W: We'll have to take a family vote.

And I think you get the picture. Seriously, the dog talk is non-stop.

We made a quick run to the library yesterday afternoon, and guess what kind of books they all checked out?

And sat and looked at them together for over an hour last night, while saying things like:

A: We'll have to brush our dog when we get it. Can I have that job?

W: Sure, but we can all brush him sometimes.

S: Did you know puppies have to eat 4 times a day? How will we feed him when we're at school?

W: Mom will do it for us.

Exactly! So John and I have talked about it and yeah, a dog is in our future. I think it might actually be a good thing. John travels some for his job and I think a dog would make me feel a little more secure in his absence. And Will feels left out sometimes because he's the only boy in our family, and a dog is a lot less work than a brother would be! Smile.

So our plan is to rescue a dog from the pound or the Humane Society, and bring it home and give it a lot of love and attention. John and I have started praying about the dog "for us" because we believe he/she is out there somewhere and probably needs us as much as we need him/her. So I'll keep you posted about our new addition...exciting stuff for sure!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Awww, they sound so excited, and I'm excited for all of you! We're dog people and we love having a dog. We've rescued two dogs, one a golden/Irish Setter mix. After she passed away, we waited a couple of years, then last fall found our dog on He's a golden/lab mix and he's a wonderful dog! I just know the right dog is out there for you guys. I know they probably want a puppy, but there's lots of older dogs at the pounds. The good thing about them is that they have outgrown the puppy/chewing phase and established their personality, so you can see their temperament.

Good luck on finding the right dog for your home and family - that's going to be one lucky puppy dog! Keep us updated and post pictures when the time comes! :)

Holly said...

Praying for you, Friend! I know this is a big decision...but God is bigger!

We have had our share of dogs and stories. Chris is very anti-dog, but for some reason about a month ago, he found a Corgi and thought it was a dog he could have...maybe someday, when we're all out of diapers. Potty train ours first :)
Blessings on your day!

Robin Green said...

I am so not letting my kids see this post--my son, in particular, who thinks he will die if he doesn't get a dog. Sadly, he will have to wait until he is grown and gone. We had a golden retriever for 3 years that I took care of all by myself--and no one ever played with him. So, we sold him.
I'm sure your situation will be different from mine--and that you will have a happy little doggy.

Trish said...

LOL I've had dogs all of my life. I grew up with Miniature Schnauzers. When we moved to Alaska, Sawyer (our youngest son) was 9. He somehow managed to talk Roger into getting a black Lab ~ I seem to remember my husband saying something like, "Every boy should have a dog" by way of justification. Of course, the dog isn't the BOY'S dog, he's MY dog. Jake (the dog) is a little over 5 years old now ~ just like with kids, it's SO worth the effort to go through the pain of training a dog! I complain about having a big dog sometimes, especially since he's an indoor dog, but I can't imagine my life without dogs. I'll be praying that you know exactly when the right dog comes along! :)


Lindsay said...

I grew up with dashunds and now own a Shitzu. Excited to hear about the newest addition to YOUR family.

Barb said...

It's easy enough to see you weren't going to win this one, Meredith. LOL

We've had both kinds...inside and outside...and my advice would be to go for a small inside dog. We live in Colorado too and believe me, you have to make a lot of special arrangements to keep an outdoor dog safe and comfortable during our winters. We had to build a run, a big doghouse and we had to spread everything with hay for the warmth.

We now have Chelsea (a Shih Tzu, which by the way, is a wonderful breed because they're so, so good with children). She's the easiest pet we've ever owned and so loved by everyone who meets her, she's like one of our kids.

Can't wait to see what you end up getting. If you're rescuing a pet, I'd still go for a small indoor pet. Much easier in Colorado.

Sheesh. It just occurred to me, you didn't ask for my advice. LOL

Annie said...

We went to the local humane society planning to get a dog for my son whose dog died right before his 12th birthday (a year ago february) and I promise you this big white husky literally spoke to us. Me and my oldest daughter amanda kept going from the little dogs to this dog.
We just couldn't leave her there. She has been the most polite, gentle, sweet dog I've ever owned. She is allowed to come in sometimes, and lays on her big dog pillow with her paws crossed. She shells pistachios before eating them, she eats chips like a lady. So we named her lady because she is a lady. I never imagined we would find such a wonderful pet and friend as we did that day.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I love dogs, but I live in a tiny apartment and I just don't want the responsibility of taking care of a dog right now. I have 2 cats who are inside and we get along fine. If I ever live in a house, a dog might enter the picture some day.

I do applaud you for choosing to adopt a pet from a shelter. Many pets are euthanized every day for no reason other than they are unwanted or unclaimed. So sad.....

It'll be interesting to see what pet chooses you. ;-)

Love and hugs,


Jenny said...

Your kids sound like mine! Except my answer is not until we get some land for that dog to run around on! I refuse to get a dog, and then have to keep it penned up in the backyard!
I'm so glad you came to visit! I am loving your blog design, and I see we have some mutual friends. Let's keep it going! I actually had lunch with JennaG yesterday. ;)

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Oh go for the beagle! We have a miniature beagle named Daisy who's now almost 12 and she is the sweetest dog ever. Great with kids and not too big and not too small.

Angie said...

Hey Mer. I love your Will's list of dogs. He obviously has done some serious research. I vote for a small dog.....less hair to clean up and easier on the lap on those cold winter evenings.

By the way, thanks for the award. I feel so honored. You are too sweet. And it's cool that you have connected with Holly.

Happy Doggie Hunting!