Monday, August 13, 2007

Last Summer Playdate

I thought last week that we'd had our last "official" playdate of summer. In fact, I told my kids last week that was the end. But when my friend-who-just-got-a-teaching-job (boohoo!) asked if I'd be up for watching her two kiddos today, I said, Yes, I absolutely would! Her kids are terrific.

So TODAY is our last official playdate of the summer. Okay, who am I kidding? We have stuff planned tomorrow and Wednesday with friends too. And school starts Thursday. It's just a big party week really!

Anyway, I love having Kathryn and James over because they're kids who KNOW HOW TO PLAY. That may sound really weird, but believe me, there are kids who come to our house that don't know how to play! They want to watch movies, or play video games, and in my book that's not playing. If I say nope, sorry guys, then they whine that they're "bored". And sure, it's easier to turn on the tv or let 'em play Super Mario for hours, but I want my kids to know how to be kids. I want them to know how to create their own entertainment rather than being entertained.

And that's what they're doing right now. The boys are building a lego skateboard park, the girls are in the basement playing "restaurant", and they've already been outside playing hopscotch and jumping rope. I love hearing them too...they're having a great time and laughing...and being kids! That's exactly the sound I want to hear these last few days of summer. It is music to my ears!


Leah Belle said...

You're right. I love hearing kids really play. To actually play, they must be creative and use their brain!

Kecia said...

I love playing kids too--wish we could get ours together. Do yours ever want to put on a show for you? My, they can be entertaining! Maybe someday. :)
I'm writing this as packers are busy in my house. Keep praying for us!

Lindsay said...

Mer... You sound like a wise Mama. Too hot to contemplate anything outside today as we have triple digit temps forecast the entire week.

Stephanie Kay said...

We had a playdate today, too. Thankfully the rain stopped so everyone could go outside. A good time was had by all. Including the mommas and daddys.

Holly said...

I love that! Unfortunately, mine have been playing with each other so much that now they're bickering. Not always, just the past few days. I love hearing them play happily!!

See you manana!

mandy said...

sounds like you're having a fun fun fun summer with your precious kids.
just found your blog and wanted to say hey from the other side of the country!