Monday, August 27, 2007


Last spring, when we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer and the lazy days ahead, Sarah made a list of her goals for the summer. She did this completely on her own. She came to me one morning before school with her list. She wanted to learn to:

1. Blow dry her hair
2. Make a cake from scratch.
3. And learn how to fold a towel or blanket in "mid-air", meaning she didn't want to have to lay it on some sort of surface to fold it.

I was so impressed with her list. Isn't it great?

This summer, she got her very own, and very cute, pink blowdryer, and crossed #1 off her list. We never made a cake from scratch (unless the EZ Bake oven counts) but we made a few other desserts and she learned to do some other cooking as well, which she LOVED. And she did in fact learn to fold towels and blankets while holding them...without laying them down. As a bonus, she got to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from setting a goal and reaching it.

I also made a list (in my head) of some things I wanted to do this summer. And since Labor Day marks the end of summer, I spent a few minutes this morning thinking of how much got checked off...and surprisingly most of it did. Here is my list:

1. Read...a lot (check)
2. Scrapbook...a little (check)
3. Enjoy lazy days with my children (check)
4. Go swimming (check)
5. Go camping (check)
6. Go to a Sky Sox game (check)
7. Go to a Colorado Rockies game (we really tried...but the game we went to was the only rain out of the season!!!)
8. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park (check)
9. Hike...a lot (check)
10. Go on bike rides with the kids (check)
11. Take a picnic lunch to the park (check)
12. Clean out the basement
13. Let the kids have playdates and sleepovers (we did this a few times, but not enough!)
14. Go to the Denver Mint or Museum of Natural History
15. Ride the new Light Rail in Denver

So, I didn't do everything I wanted to do, but I did most of it, and I'm good with that. I'm hoping to go to a Rockies game next weekend to make up for #7. If I can persuade John to ride the light rail to the stadium, I might even knock out #15 too. We'll see.


*carrie* said...

Great lists, Mer.

Sarah's goal about the towels made me think of how I am terrible at folding fitted sheets!

Trish said...

Oh, definitely do the Museum of Natural History. Everytime we go to Colorado to visit family we make a trip to the Museum ~ even at 14 and 17 my kids love it! :)

(Sorry about the Rockies game ~ my husband and sons were there visiting and they were rained out of the same game. They were very disappointed!)