Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We broke out the shorts this afternoon because our temps climbed into the 60s!!!! Woohoo! Never mind that there is a chance of snow in the forecast for the next three days. I'll take sunshine and warm temperatures whenever I can get them!

Abbey has been playing outside for hours, and Will and Sarah came home and played outside too. I hope we have many more days like this!


Unknown said...


Kecia said...

What a day to treasure--hope for the future! My friend Lacy in Minnesota sounded just as excited about her 42 degree day, the warmest she's had since November. Brr.

Stephanie Kay said...

LOL! You realize all the FL people are thinking you need a coat at those temps. = ) While we don't pull out shorts at 60*s we do play outside. Sadly we are still around 45* with lots of wind which makes it even colder. Sigh... Hearing that you've had warm weather gives me hope we will eventually. = )

Kelly @ Love Well said...

And I was ecstatic about 50.


Gretchen said...

I remember playing volleyball at CU in January in shorts, then a blizzard...then shorts. People dress strangely in CO: Aran knit sweaters, cargo shorts, and tevas with socks (or Birkies with socks). Am I right?

Kate said...

woo hooo
If I had not been working, I would have been in shorts myself. I did get outside at lunch time and bask in the warm weather.

Barb said...

A few days ago, I was very tempted to get out the shorts too, Mer. OK. The capris. My shorts days are behind me.

I didn't do it though. 'Cause I would have had to shave the winter growth off my legs and frankly, I'm just not there yet. lol

So today snow is forecast. Weather doesn't get any crazier than Colorado's weather, as you know very well. :-)