Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Translation, please.

I have about a dozen posts floating around in my head which I'll eventually get posted, but for now I have a question for you.

What translation of the Bible do you prefer to read from?

I've used many versions over the years. I started out in junior high with the New King James Version (did anyone else have a paperback NKJV Transformer Bible?), but shortly after that the NIV became popular so I switched to NIV. In college, one of my religion professors turned me on to the New American Standard, which I really loved, and I used that one for about ten years until John gave me a New Living Translation, which is my current favorite. I like reading from The Message also, but for reading and study, I prefer the NLT.

I'd love to know what your favorite translation is.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

The original King James Version all the way for me.

His Girl said...

I'm an NLT girl. LOVE it for everyday reading.

I just started exploring the ESV- I'll keep you posted.

I use NKJV for deeper studies... and my devotion comes in plain ol' KJV.

But my fave? NLT. Reads like a novel... only a jillion times better!

Casey said...

I switch between the NLT and NIV with a good measure of The Message thrown in.

Kecia said...

I like the NLT for stories and just reading, and either NIV or NAS for Bible study, especially study books with "homework."
(And yes, we really liked "August Rush"--isn't it beautiful! And I love a happy ending!)

Unknown said...

I also read from The Message (for a different look at passage that are commonly read over and over again) and the NASB (my husbands daily use bible), but I still prefer the NIV.

It's funny that you mentioned this because I am currently teaching a 7 week, Monday night bible study, at my Sister in laws church. They use the NASB in their church so I was conflicted as to wether I would switch for teaching.

I didn't but, I do love to read from other translations.

Deidre said...

That's a huge debate in this part of the country, but I do read (and teach) from the KJV. I have 2 bibles that are NKJV that I have worn out - that is my personal favorite.

Stephanie Kay said...

I grew up with KJV. (I totally remember the Transformer Bible!!) At OBU they asked us to use NIV for OT & NT survey. I used that until about 3 years ago when I bought a beautiful NASB. So for study I like the NASB, for carrying to church Joel and I have little NIVs, for trying to find a scripture that is floating in my head or reading Psalms I prefer the good ol' KJV.

Lindsay said...

I usually use NIV Thompson Chain Reference. I also like NLT. I don't own a Message yet but have enjoyed hearing it read.

Holly said...

Can I say many? I read from the KJV, NKJV, NIV, NET, Message, Amplified, NASV, and the NLT. If I find a verse that I want a new perspective on, I read through all of these and pick on to write on a card to memorize.

RU having a great week???

Jenn said...

I loved my Transformer Bible! I used that in Jr. & HS, then when when my class graduated graduated from HS (91) the church gave us a NIV. I used that for a year until my parents gave me for Christmas ('92) the NIV Life Application Bible that I still use today. I Love, Love , Love to write in my Bible, so I usually only read/study from this Bible. It has kind of become a friend.

I will need to check out the NLT - seems like a lot of people enjoy it. Good post, I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts.

Kelly said...

I'm an NIV girl!

Betsy said...

NIV for me!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My "real" Bible is NIV. It's the most familiar version for me.

But I have digital copies of The Message and the NASB with Strong's on my Palm Pilot.

And The Message is undoubtedly my favorite right now. I grew up deep, deep within the Christian subculture. I love that I really hear the words in The Message, instead of glazing over because it's all so recognizable.

Anonymous said...

NIV for me.

Gretchen said...

Well, when I'm reading the Bible, instead of just thinking about reading it (ahem), I'm typically an NIV girl. However, when my girlfriend started believing, I bought her a leather NLT study Bible because it reads so easily.

One day, I'm going to get me a real leather Bible complete with my name engraved on the cover. Don't know which translation I'll get; I guess it doesn't matter. :)

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

NIV for studying, but NLT for just being immersed in it. Make sense?

Linds said...

NLT and the Message. I just love the Message, for the different perspecive I get from it.

Karla Porter Archer said...

I have so many translations that I use for different things.

NIV at church, cause that is what the pastor uses

NKJV for studying

NCV for reading through

Also like the NLT

xo ~K