Saturday, July 05, 2008

hi there...

I am dying to post some pics and stories from our 4th of July celebration...but I am off to hike in a few minutes and I don't have time to download. Yesterday was non-stop and I was EXHAUSTED when we got home from fireworks! I'll post them this evening after I recuperate from my hike--the same killer one I did last week, but this time I'm taking my camera!

Here's the one pic I managed to get downloaded before my battery completed died. I'll be back with more later!


JenB said...

The tie-dye shirts look cute! Happy 4th (5th)!

Rmomof3 said...

Absolutely adorable - I would have never recognized you without those shirts!! We haven't downloaded our pictures either! I am sooo blessed that we got a chance to meet. I am sorry "S-girl" was UNHAPPY and having issues- but we had pushed her hard! I would love to get together with you all when it works out!
Sweet blessings!