Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Brrrrrrrrr...it got very cold here last night. It's 10 degrees with a -3 windchill and I woke up freezing despite being snuggled under three blankets! I just poured a cup of coffee and climbed back into bed to type this post. Wish I could stay here all day. Or at least until the sun warms things up a bit.

Walking from the kitchen to my room, I glanced in Will's room and smiled because all three of our kids are camped out together in sleeping bags on his floor. They have the week off from school and they've spent the last three nights exactly like that. I'm grateful that my kids love each other and get along so well. They really are each other's best friends.

Ugh. Just took a sip of my coffee. I've weaned myself down to one cup a day because I gave up sugar a couple of weeks ago and unsweetened coffee is just plain bad. I wasn't going to give up creamer, but I tend to be an all-or-nothing-girl so I bid it farewell too. The good news is that my scale says I've lost 5lbs in about two weeks. The bad news is that I've grumpily counted the days until I'm reunited with my Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread CoffeeMate again. Two more days!

I'm actually considering extending my sugar fast beyond Thanksgiving. After I feast on pumpkin pie, of course. I have SO much more energy, I'm sleeping really well, and I just feel better without it in my system. Also, did you know that sugar greatly compromises your immune system? It really does. That alone is reason to make me think twice about overloading myself (and my kiddos) with sweets.

In other news...
I've been working like a madwoman getting my house really clean. I'm sure some of you have figured out by now that I'm a little obsessive in the housekeeping arena. That obsessiveness gets ratched up a dozen or so notches when I have guests coming. A friend is house-sitting/dog-sitting for us while we're gone and my inner clean freak has been in overdrive for the last ten days. I've been cleaning blinds, windows, cabinets, closets, and more. I have a couple more to-do's on my list today and then I can relax!

Oh, and I started my Christmas shopping--I've bought one gift. Considering that I usually start mid-December, I'm very proud of myself.

We were planning to leave for our Thanksgiving road trip today, but John really needed to work after being gone most of last week so we're leaving tomorrow. That's fine by me because I have a few things left to do today, including a trip to Target. Target is the brightest spot in my day. I just wish Target was closer--the nearest one is 12 miles from my house. Which, come to think of it is probably a good thing. I always spend a chunk of change when I go to Target.

I realized on Saturday that I don't have to prepare one single thing for Thanksgiving dinner this year. That makes me both happy and sad. I offered, but was assured that I only needed to show up with my appetite. I'm sure that won't be the case again for a long time, so I'm rolling with it!

I spent some time with my calendar on Sunday morning and realized that December is already *very* full. If you're my Facebook friend you've likely already heard me say this, but I decided on Sunday that nothing else is getting scheduled for next month. All the important things are already on the calendar, and I blocked out all the free days I have so that they actually stay free. I was talking to a friend at church about this and she reminded me that December will roll around again next year and I'll have opportunity to say yes to different things. Some of my Facebook friends scoffed at my resoluteness, but I'm really sticking to my guns on this one. I want December to be enjoyable, and it's not enjoyable for me when I'm running from one thing to the next.

Lastly, I had a lot of comments yesterday asking if I would share the list of activities for my Advent calendar. YES! As soon as we finish it, I'll post it for you. However, you should check out Michelle's list. She has some great ideas I want to copy.

Oh, and thanks for all your Trader Joe's suggestions. I'm going later this week and so excited to find some of the things you guys love!

Alright. Must get out of my warm bed and get this day started!

Catch-up. Ketchup. Whatever. You're caught up now. Smile.


Amber said...

Hope you guys have a safe and happy roadtrip!!!!

And hooray for getting to eat sugar!!! (good for you, though, on being so disciplined!!!)

Lauren said...

I'm sure seeing all of your kids piled on the floor together had to make your mother heart proud!!!

And seriously, 10 degrees????? Oh.My.Word.

I'm sooooooooooooo glad I live in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

The baby just woke up and is crying so this has to be fast - I just wanted to comment that YES sugar does reduce the immune system but how on EARTH do I convince my toddlers?! LOL.

Melissa said...

I need to read more about the sugar fast. I probably need to do that myself.

I'm pea-green with envy that you have a Target within 12 miles. The closest one to me is about 40 miles away. (I'm also laughing that you think 12 miles is far...I drive almost that far every day to work :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since you're traveling, do you want to come East and clean my house? Just asking...

Jacquie said...

Good for you, Mer, continuing to watch your sugar intake. I can tell you that since I've started eating healthy and working out... I just never get sick. (knock on wood)

I don't know if it's scientific fact or not, but I've heard that cancer thrives on sugar... and Dr. Oz himself said that our arteries are lined with a protective "armour" that gets corroded by, you guessed it, SUGAR!

I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

You are right on about the sugar, it's always the first thing to go at a hint of illness. It's a hard thing to get rid of for me.
The kids and I went out yesterday and got supplies for our advent calendar. I'll post about it when we get it finished! Thanks for the great idea!

O Mom said...

I was hoping this post was going to be about french fries......
And 12 miles? try 50 miles. :)
Happy cleaning!

Gretchen said...

My kids would camp out in each other's rooms every night if we let them. Isn't it precious to see them enjoying each other so much? Don't forget to take a picture of it... it will be one that we'll shed tears over when they are grown.

*carrie* said...


You're *almost* making me think of doing a sugar fast. =)

I agree with another commenter--my closest Target is 45 miles away!!

This will be my second time to host Thanksgiving--lots to do before then!

Have a great trip, and have fun at TJ's!

Carpool Queen said...

I've been making a lot of changes recently in the food department, but muffins and cookies will be the.very.last.thing to give up.

Have a great T-giving.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I went for months not going to Target b/c i spent so much!
sandy toe

2cats said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy.
The nearest Target to me is 75 miles...one way. I would LOVE for it to be only 12 miles.
I didn't know about sugar and the immune system. I wonder why I am not sick all the time. I eat huge amounts of sugar, but am never sick. I will have to read up on it.
It is always good to leave sometime for yourself during the holidays. You don't want to burn out before time.

Kendra said...

I'm with you on over-booked Decembers. Being married to an academic there seems to be an endless array of holiday events we MUST attend. Ugh. Glad we have an excuse to avoid them this year!

I drove by a Trader Joe's today and thought of you. I would have turned in to it, too, had it not been cold, dark, and had I not been toting a baby. One day I'll see what all the hype is about!

Holly said...

And did you know that ketchup has sugar in it? :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that it goes beyond your highest expectations, Mer. I am so very thankful for you!!


PS I have lost 14 lbs. :) But I am doing 1 year with no sugar, if I can.

Kecia said...

My kids love sleeping in the same room, too. :)
I saw John's book when I was at Lifeway with my sil today!! I got so excited!
My sil, by the way, wants to know if you know Roy and Becky Fulcher. They're friends.

His Girl said...

my target was 1 mile away, and relocated. I am sad every time I pass the abandoned building, but I am all the richer for the added distance- no longer do I pop in 'for something to do'- skimming the clearance aisles for something I didn't know I couldn't live without.


Anonymous said...

Will you come clean my house?
Even just one room?
See you in a bit...

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