Monday, January 17, 2011

Coney Dog

Well, our weekend was certainly interesting.

See our coney dog? John quipped on Facebook last night that Jack was wearing one expensive cone of shame.

It's kind of a long (and gross) story and I'll spare you the detailed version. Ultimately, this happened, (DO NOT click that link if you're easily disgusted) and it was super, duper gross.

Of course it happened after I'd steam cleaned our carpets. Twice.

Of course it happened about one hour before we had ELEVEN guests arriving for dinner.

Of course it happened after hours and on a weekend and our vet clinic that is one mile down the road was closed.

So of course John had to take him to the 24-Hour Emergency Pet Hospital that's not just one mile down the road.

Of course he was there with Jack for almost five hours. And of course, John missed our entire dinner party. Because of a dog's rear end. Sigh.

I've got to find some kind of doggie diaper for Jack today because of course he still has some (ahem) leakage. And did I mention I've steam cleaned my carpets twice since all of this started happening?

Remember when I blogged about needing to loosen my grip on control? Yeah, this weekend I was in intensive Letting Go of Control 101. 

On a side note, Jack is getting lots of TLC and I do feel really sorry for him. He has to wear the cone until his hind quarter heals which could be a week or more. It's really sad, but also a bit comical. He tried to scratch his ear last night and kept scratching the cone in frustration. He bumps into walls and furniture and doorways. Every time he goes outside he puts his nose to the ground to sniff, unintentionally scoops a coneful of snow, then gets it all in his face when he raises his head up. See? Comical. And sad. And just a part of life.

In the midst of all the stuff with Jack this weekend, I just kept saying over and over and over, "This is NOT a crisis. This is merely an inconvenience." Perspective is everything and right now Joanne's circumstances are giving me perspective at every turn. The latest news is that she is in a deep coma, her brain swelling has started to subside, and she'll probably be in a coma for a while. Again, the best way to get information is to follow Joanne's blog, Janna's blog, or tobenheim on Twitter. And, again, I thank you for praying for my friend.


Lauren said...

Awww, poor thing!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. That is funny. And sad. Kind of like a clown on fire.

Brenda said...

How sad!...and funny reading your version of it!
I've been following Joanne's situation and praying.

jen medeiros said...

Oh no...sorry for your dog's situation but am glad he is recovering! Thanks for the reminder about perspective:)

Amber said...

Snicker. You're right...kinda funny in that not-so-funny way.

Poor Jack.

And I think PERSPECTIVE has become the mantra for the week...
Still praying for Joanne at every turn.

adrienne said...

I've had a coney dog too, and for the same reason. Ick.

Lee Ann said...

Oh man that's gross and sad. We had a beagle when I was growing up. Her glands would always get plugged and the vet would have to squeeze them :) He said we could do it, but it was soooo gross! Does he ever scoot on his bottom across the floor/grass? That was our sign they were plugged :) Good luck in the future!

Liz Almond said...

Gross. I Had to read what had happened, because I'm gross like that. I actually, laughed, oh'ed and ugg'ed my way through reading this blog.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Liz...your brother has probably seen that a hundred times. Evidently it's fairly common. He's probably seen much worse to tell you the truth, but it just about sent ME over the edge. *gag*