Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I feel so flat today. Most of it has to do with Arkansas' heartbreaking loss to Ohio State last night. It was so disappointing...and downright painful to watch. The best line from Facebook last night? I think I just watched the SUGAR-FREE Bowl because that really wasn't very sweet at all. 

Ugh.  I still love the Razorbacks though; I wasn't raised to be a fickle fan. I'll still continue to cheer them on and I'll still continue to wear this kind of crazy get-up on game days. 
Flattering, eh? Oink oink.

I think I also feel a little flat because this is the first day that I've been truly alone since mid-December. The kids went back to school yesterday but John worked from home so I had someone to keep me company. It's a little too quiet here today. I sorta thought I might enjoy the lack of noise, but I've decided I prefer the sounds of family at home.

I'm actually supposed to be at Bible study this morning but I skipped out. I can't seem to get my body clock back on the school schedule. I'm normally an early riser but I've been sleeping VERY late these days and I must admit it's really been nice. I slept in a little too long this morning and woke up feeling really "off". I realized I couldn't make it to Bible study on time so I let myself off the hook. I already regret it. Almost as much as I regret not doing ANY of my homework over Christmas break. I've got some catching up to do!

This post is boring me to death so I think I'll go fold some laundry...or clean bathrooms...or check on the (darn) beagle who pulled a half-pound of deli turkey off the counter and ATE all of it plus most of the packaging while I was driving the kids to school this morning. 

I may feel flat today but life is truly never dull around here. 


Lauren said...

HAHA! Love that picture!!! :)

Unknown said...

Girl, I completely get "flat" days...but I'm glad you haven't lost your sense of humor!

My mom and dad were telling my kids about a beagle, named T-Bone, they had when they first got married...Apparently one day he ate an entire loaf of Rainbow bread, package, twisty-tie and all, but my parents never thought he could do such a thing. T-Bone left the evidence in the back yard a couple hours later.


Lindsay said...

Going from one routine to another leaves me a bit flat as well, Mer.

Amber said...

I'm still shaking my head at last night's game.

Flat, indeed.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

#1 - I'm sorry about those Buckeyes that I love beating up on those Hogs of yours.
#2 - I'm feeling flat too, although it is NOT quiet in my house.
#3 - I'm hoping that you will be getting back into the school groove sooner rather than later.

Kate said...

Love the game gear. :D

OhioFamOf4 said...

Not sure if I should be happy or embarrassed about my Buckeyes' win last night, but I AM glad we broke the SEC curse.

Hope your day is better tomorrow. And don't feel bad, I was horrible at my bible study homework last session.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Or here.

Funny, I wrote about us being rusty on the mornings today. And that pig nose, that is hilarious. Never thought I'd pull up your blog to see pig-Mer! HA!

Stephanie Kay said...

LOVE the Razorback gear! That reminds me that Ellie has a Razorback cheerleading outfit. I keep meaning to have her wear it and post a picture.