Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Letters

My friend, Deidre, writes a letter to her family every Sunday. I love this idea so much that when she invited her readers to join her, I was more than willing to throw my self-imposed "No Blogging On Sunday" rule out the window.

Here we go.

Dear Abbey,
(Sounds like I'm writing a letter to a newspaper columnist. Giggle.)
I'm so sorry you've been sick this weekend. You were excited to get to spend the night with your favorite friend on Friday and were so disappointed when you had to leave school early because you weren't feeling great. It would have been your VERY first time to sleep over at a friend's house. We'll make it up to you, sweetie. I promise.

Dear Sarah,
I had a fun time with you yesterday afternoon. Love that you talked my head off in the car. Love that you wanted to look at every single thing in Ulta. I also love that you told me I was your favorite Mommy. Maybe that was because I took you to Starbucks after we did some shopping, but I really just think you enjoy the one-on-one time with me as much as I enjoy it with you. You are so sweet to always say "Thank you" whenever we help you or do something for you. And your generous heart is a blessing to everyone around you.

Dear Will,
You came home from church today and put your pjs back on...that made me smile so big. You love to be at home, but "weekend" plans with friends are becoming more and more the norm for you. That makes me both happy and sad. I like your friends--you've made wise choices in regard to who you spend your time with--and I'm proud of you for that. I just love it best when we're all home together! Every afternoon for the last couple of weeks, you've gotten in the van after school and asked about my friend, Joanne. Your concern and compassion has been so genuine and so touching. I love you, buddy. This week we'll be heading to the high school to get you registered for your freshman year. I don't know if you saw my tears last night when we were discussing your schedule/classes, but they were there...and they were real. Denial doesn't seem to be working for me.

Dear John,
(Giggling again. This time it sounds like I'm writing a "good-bye" letter.)
I know you're under enormous stress right now because of the projects you're juggling. Thank you for working so hard for me, for us. I probably don't say that enough.

Thank you also for always being so quick to forgive and seek restoration when our relationship is challenged. After two "discussions" this week,  you came to me, apologized, and asked forgiveness. I think we both know that I was the one who should have initiated the apology. You continually set an amazing example of humility, sacrifice, and compassion--both for me and for our children. I love you!

I'm also sorry that I missed the class you were teaching at church this past week. I think you know how much I wanted to be there and how torn I was. Thank you for releasing me from guilt and sending me off with your blessing (and your Visa gift card!)


Deidre would love for you to join her in writing Sunday Letters to your family. More details here.


Deidre said...

I always had a 'no blogging on Sunday' rule. Either that or I could just never think of anything. Sunday Letters seemed like a good fit.

I'm laughing about 'Dear Abbey' and 'Dear John'.

I really think you and I are kindred spirits - family through and through. I actually choked up when I read high school for Will. Unbelievable.

Thanks for joining in, Meredith. I loved reading these.

Kecia said...

Your kids are growing up so much! And so sweet.
(I really did write a "Dear John" letter once. But his name wasn't John.)

Jacquie said...

Loved this, Meredith!! This is a neat idea.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

I really enjoyed this post and idea...I have always thought about starting a little notebook for each person and than writing in it weekly and give it to them every year (or in my case when the kids can read) I hope that you have an incredible Monday!

jen medeiros said...

This is a fabulous idea....Sunday letters....I am going to join you. I keep a journal for each of my kids...but I haven't written in them for awhile. This will motivate me...and one for my husband, too.
I cried when I read about your son asking about how Joanne was boy has been doing this, too. Love the kindness.

Lisa said...

What a cool idea to do Sunday letters.

Kelly said...

Such great letters Meredith. Sounds like an awesome family. My older daughter is also in 8th grade and this high school prep stuff is breaking my heart.