Friday, May 06, 2011

Our Summer List

We had a little dream session around the dinner table last night and came up with our annual summer list! Some of it's realistic, some of it's not but here's some of what we'd like to do in Summer 2011.

Go to the beach
Go to New York City
Rockies baseball games
Weekend road trips (Estes Park and Santa Fe were mentioned!)
Go to Arkansas to see cousins (my kids are getting a brand new cousin in July!)
Eat on the patio at Amanda's Fonda
Have dinner at The Mona Lisa in Manitou Springs
Buy a new television
Ride bikes
Neighborhood Happy Hours!
Go out for breakfast (Adam's Mountain Cafe!)
Eat lots of Pinkberry
Make homemade ice cream and maybe gelato
See the last Harry Potter movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Visit Mount Rushmore
Vist the Sand Dunes
Participate in the library summer reading program
Have lots of sleepovers (I stifled my groaning for the sake of my kids)
Have friends over for dinner
Grill...a lot
Plan Sarah's birthday party
Have outside movie nights
Elitch Gardens
Bedroom makeover (John and I need one!)
Eat outside

Oh my gosh...I love summer and am SO ready for it to begin. It's close. REALLY close. As of today:
Abbey has 9 more days of school (she's out today and Monday)
Will has 10 more school days
Sarah has 11 more school days (poor Sarah)

DEFINITELY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hip, hip HOORAY!


Lauren said...

Ummmm, I'd say y'all have a BUSY summer planned, haha!!! :)

Amy said...

Love your list! I did have to laugh...we're from Massachusetts but had the opportunity last summer to take a cross country road trip. Our children were 1.5, 5, and 6 and they had a blast! We visited Mt. Rushmore (we have family in Rapid City, SD), hiked in Estes Park, and finished up our trip in Santa Fe, NM at a conference. Love that those places are on your list...oh, and are only 3 hours from New York but my children have never been to New York city!

Jesse, Caleb, and Elizabeth Gae said...

Ugh. We are in until June 21st.
We had 2 full weeks to make up due to snow and flooding. I like the idea of a summer list, though. I think I will use it.

Gina said...

Oops- my kids left their google account signed in....

SZM said...

I can't wait too! I am with you on the Pinkberry, Mt. Rushmore, ride bikes, happy hours + grilling. Sounds like the perfect summer to me!

*carrie* said...

I don't see "visit Iowa" anywhere on the list? We're only 6 hours from Mt. Rushmore! =)

Looks like a great list. I have never eaten at Amanda's Fonda--have wanted to for a long time, but never made it happen.

Gretchen said...

What a list, girlie!
I want to come spend the summer at your house!

I think casa de NEM will be making a list soon. Thanks for the idea!

Rachel said...

Great list of summer fun! You've inspired me to make this a dinner table discussion soon. Just a couple more weeks of school for my kiddos. On our list for spring is "get grass" and we are so excited for that sod to come next week!

jen medeiros said...

We just did this tonight with our family:)
I like the idea of neighborhood happy hours....great idea.
Can I tell you that Emery and I need a bedroom makeover, bedding and paint would be the best:)
I want to see your photos when your done.

Unknown said...

Love you list! The only thing that could've made it better was if y'all had a 'Visit North Carolina' section.

If you have the chance to visit Mt Rushmore, that would be grate. We took the kids several years ago and it was really amazing!

I can't wait for summer either...only another couple of weeks!

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said...

Meredith, I love your list. Thanks for the reminder to get our written. Our summer is only 9 weeks because of the snow/flooding days. :( Are you going to be near LR when you come to AR?

Angela said...


Carolyn said...

Love your list. I like the idea of neighborhood happy hours.

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Carol said...

Hi Meredith! I just found your blog. So fun!

I totally forgot that we used to make an annual summer list. It went by the wayside when our kids got summer jobs, started driving and ... dating!

My other half and I started our list last week.

1. Must try Pinkberry ...