Thursday, May 19, 2011

Short + Linky = Slinky

Just wanted to share a few links...

This post of Gretchen's made me laugh out loud.

So did this one by Angie.

I really want to copy Beth and let the girls make one of these in the next few weeks. SO cute! 

I tried this recipe--cheeseburger macaroni-- a few weeks ago and it was really good and super easy. It's back on the menu plan for this week. I think that cheese sauce might be perfect for homemade mac and cheese! 

Speaking of delicious food, I'm loving this stuff these days...the classic almond on brown rice cakes. I'm on a super restrictive diet right now (no cheeseburger macaroni for me. sigh). Not because I want to be but because some health issues have forced my hand. More on that soon...

Something wonderful happened during my unintentional blog break last week. Four months after her stroke, Joanne, got to leave the rehab hospital for good!!! She's been home for almost a week! Her sister wrote this heartfelt post yesterday...she's come so far, but she still needs much prayer as she and her family find their new normal.

Today is the-next-to-last day-of-school-for-us-day! Seems wrong to be sending my kids to school in long pants and heavy jackets but (sigh) that's my reality. Peace out, peeps!


Beth said...

We have one more week of school and I am so READY!! It will be so nice to have my husband back to a normal routine.

My, my, that macaroni recipe looks yummy--I think I know what I'll be making for the kids and I Friday night :)

Happy end-of-school to you!


jen medeiros said...

You are so lucky you are almost done.
14 more days until school is out!
This past week....whoa....more than I like on my calendar.
May need to try the cheeseburger mac...I need a new idea!

Stephanie said...

Chocolate almond butter?! How can that NOT be good? : )

Leah Belle said...

my kiddos and i made the egg carton flowers for an Easter table centerpiece. it was fun and so cute that it is still on display in my kitchen! you'll have a blast doing it!
here is the tutorial we used:

Elizabeth said...

Yesterday was my kids' last day of school, and their last day in our district since we're moving (next week!) I'm so, so, so glad it's summer break. Lots of things to look forward to the next few months.

I'm super curious about your diet, and I hope your health issue isn't a biggie. I thought of you earlier b/c I desperately need to get off sugar and you are someone who I know has done that successfully. Any tips?

Miss G said...

Those are some funny posts and that cheeseburger mac looks yummy! Kelly

Sandy M. said...

I was so glad to hear the news about Joanne! I've been praying for her all these months & loved seeing the pictures.
Re: Gretchen's pics.... they went to an amusement park in Ohio on the big "trek" last week & when she told about one of the rides, her dad told her she should use one of those pictures when describing it! I guess you can tell we are a pretty laid-back family....