Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Husbands and Snow Days

I was walking with some friends earlier this week and our conversation turned to gratitude. We all agreed that an attitude of thankfulness isn't always first and foremost in our thoughts which is silly because we've all been given SO much. I was inspired by some friends yesterday who are participating in Thirty Thankful Days (on Facebook or on their blogs) and decided before bed that I want to try to do this too. I'm not promising a post every single day in November (that thought instantly overwhelms me) but I will try to post thirty things this month!

Here goes.

#1: I'm thankful for my husband. 
I'm continually blessed by my husband. He's the most generous person I know. He makes me laugh each and every day. He unloads the dishwasher every single morning and fills my van up with gas so I don't have to. He helps me when I get behind on the laundry. He tells me I'm beautiful. He listens to me talk and talk and talk about everything (and nothing) and doesn't sigh or act bored; he gives me his full attention. When he comes home from work, he puts work behind him and is engaged with his family. He's quick to forgive. He works hard to provide for our family. He's a good friend to his friends. He's extremely gifted with words. He's insightful and wise. He rarely complains. He's honest. He listens to our children and he truly "sees" them. He's respected by many. He's handsome and rugged. He makes life fun! He's my favorite person in the world to spend time with and I honestly can't imagine sharing life with anyone else. I am so deeply thankful for him.

#2: I'm thankful for a (snow) day at home with my family.
It's snowing here today. Actually, it's blizzarding! I learned several years ago that a blizzard isn't necessarily massive amounts of snow as much as it is snow + wind. We have CRAZY wind right now which is making a mess of the nominal amount of snow out there. Our district cancelled classes for the day which is a huge gift for this tired mama. Halloween-ing all weekend long is exhausting! I'm extremely thankful for a day at home with my peeps and snow days are my absolute favorite kind of day. John is working from home this morning, our kids are still sleeping, and I'm hoping the rest of today is slow and lazy!

If you want to participate in Thirty Thankful Days, please do! My friend Dawn even has a linky up on her blog so that you can share your daily gratitude. I love that idea!


Beth said...

Isn't this snow day lovely? I didn't expect a phone call this morning, so when it came, I was pretty excited! That's what I'm thankful for today, too. :)

And I'm thankful for my hubs, too, but I bet I post on him another day. :)

Enjoy your time!

*carrie* said...

I am NOT THANKFUL for your snow day. My parents are supposed to leave today to drive here (taking two days). Boo!

However, there are two sides to everything--so I hope you enjoy the day at home!

dawn said...

Thanks for linking up, Mer! I'm thankful with you that you have an awesome husband, and that you don't take him for granted What a gift.

And the snow day? I get to spend it with my birthday boy--it's his present from God. :0)

Lindsay said...

Love your post about giving thanks. Miss you and John along with the kids... I recall times of sitting in his office to rehash the "same ole same ole". Always fully attentive.

Jill said...

Doing it in FB since I have no blog! It's been easy so far--haha.

Gretchen said...

Wow! A snow day this early in the season ... unimaginable here in NC! What a fun way to spend November 1st.

Aren't we blessed for our amazing husbands. Something I've learned to not take for granted. blessed indeed!

Gretchen said...

Loving catching up with you, as always. Didn't know you were doing the Thankful Thang. I'm trying to figure out how to subscribe (w/o doing Google Reader--done w/that).

Been almost 2 years since our face to face. Time for a book tour in Seattle? xxxooo