Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seven more minutes of random

That seven minute post yesterday really helped me over my writing slump. I often sit down to blog and feel overwhelmed by how much I want to say and how long it's going to take me to say it. I'm a pretty task oriented girl and I tend to just give up if I just can't accomplish what I want to accomplish in the time I have to do it. Seven minutes though? That formula works for me! So here's seven more minutes of rambling.

I don't know how people get through a day without a list. I am literally lost without mine. Lately, my lists have been long but I've been ROCKING 'em. Yes, ma'am, rocking 'em. It's a good feeling!

The most important item on my to-do list today was to figure out Abbey's Halloween costume.
We were in Denver last Friday and I almost bought one but honestly, it was kinda pricey and I didn't want to spend the money. I'm generally pretty frugal. They were also sold out of Abbey's size so that helped my decision. However, I spent the rest of the weekend mildly hyperventilating and freaking out about how in the world I was going to find time to make one. I hopped online this morning and bought the same costume I saw in the store last week except today it was forty-percent off. Score! I literally felt my stress melt away when I crossed that off my list. Over the years, I've come to enjoy the homemade costume process but this year it just wasn't in the cards. The most important thing is that Abbey is excited and I feel sane. The costume is a secret for now but I'm sure I'll post pics on Halloween so stay tuned.

And just like that my seven minutes are up. I guess I'll have to write some more tomorrow. Maybe I'll even give myself TEN minutes! Later, peeps.


Miss G said...

loving these seven minute posts! We are so similar in our task orientedness, lost without lists and frugality! Kelly

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. Love that your stress melted away when you ordered the costume. It is amazing how one task accomplished can make all the difference.