Monday, October 08, 2012

The Weekend

I had exactly the weekend I'd hoped for--LAZY!

Here's a short recap.

Friday night we went to a football game. It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G at kick-off, with a light snow/drizzle falling. Awesome. I questioned our decision to go a few times but Abbey reminded us all as we were driving to the game that "We're Coloradoans; we suck it up and brave the cold". Yes Abbey, yes we do.
And we did. The worst part was that the drizzle was sticking to the metal bleachers (thank goodness we took our bleacher seats) and we saw LOTS of people almost bust it on their way up and down the metal steps. Sarah's school lost their game, but we still had fun despite the weather. 

You know those hand warmer things you can buy to stick in your gloves/boots? They're GREAT until your stupid beagle eats one and vomits it back up. That's what we woke up to on Saturday morning. I swear beagles will eat anything

Saturday's weather was a repeat of Fridays--cold and dreary with light snow and drizzle--perfect for a lazy day at home. I put dinner in the crock pot (beef stew--yum) and stayed in yoga pants (technically a step up from pjs) most of the day. I even watched some of the Razorback game before taking a really nice nap! They sure needed that conference win.

Sarah spent the late afternoon getting ready for her Homecoming dance. She went over to a friend's house to finish getting dressed and John and I bopped over there to get some pictures before they left. My pics aren't great--I forgot my real camera and only had my phone--but she looked beautiful and so grown-up. 
After the dance, she came home and crawled in bed beside me and told us every single detail of the night. It made me laugh because Will told me NOTHING about his dance a few weeks ago. I asked him a lot of questions but really only got yes/no answers. The differences between boys and girls are staggering. By the way, Sarah had a great time!

We came home from church yesterday to learn that a friend from Arkadelphia lost her son in a tragic car accident on Saturday night. He left behind a young wife and an almost one-year-old daughter. My heart aches so bad for that family right now. It wasn't too many years ago that this same friend lost her husband to cancer. Our pastor talked about Job yesterday and after coming home and hearing this news all I could think of is how much this family has been through and how they can relate to Job's suffering. I wish they weren't hurting right now, but I know their faith in Christ is very strong and they will depend on him to carry them through this. Make every second count, people. We are not promised tomorrow. 

I just can't end on a sad note...
Have I ever mentioned my love-hate relationship with autocorrect? I love it when it catches my mistakes. I hate it when it changes my words. The upside is that autocorrect changes are often really funny. Here's my latest laugh:
PRUNE TOONS? Really? I was going for "projections" but I guess prune toons works too. The funny thing is that Heather knew what I was trying to say. She's probably gotten enough autocorrected texts from me to read them intuitively by now. 

Happy Monday, peeps. I'm excited about a new week, albeit a busy one!

PS: This post is brought to you by my missed workout this morning! The only days I find time to post in the mornings are when I skip Garage Fit (a term of endearment for our cross-fit workout in my neighbor's garage). 

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Elizabeth said...

Our weekend was the same-it was WONDERFUL!

I know so many people who know the family who lost their son/husband/daddy. It's horrible, and I'm reminded again and again with stories like this never to go through a day without saying I love you to important people in your life. I called my husband (who drives A LOT) and reminded him that I love him.

There are some pretty hilarious auto correct mistakes out there. I like this one: The google one is the best!