Tuesday, February 05, 2013

February Currents

Current Books: Success! I've read three books this month. One was Friendkeeping by Julie Klam. It was a book club selection and I did not care for it at all. That was pretty much the general consensus of my book club so if you're contemplating reading it let me steer you far, far away. The other book I read was Wheat Belly, which I blogged about here. And the last book I read was 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I've mentioned it a ton on this blog already but it is fantastic!

Current Playlist: Beyonce and Destiny's Child. Just kidding. 

Current Color: Orange. Brown. Black. Gray. Those are my favorite go-tos.

Current Drink: Herbal tea--mostly peach or cranberry. However, I met a friend for coffee last week and opted for tea instead. I had a white, Madagascar vanilla and coconut tea. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. I've been craving it ever since. 

Current Food: Food is about to get interesting for me. I'm going to be eating only 7 foods for 7 days as part of the food chapter in my 7 bible study. I think I've narrowed my seven foods down to include: chicken, almonds, brown rice, blueberries, avocados, spinach, and sweet potatoes. I start tomorrow and I'm already realizing that it's going to be a huge challenge, especially with a couple of lunch meetings and a birthday dinner factored into my week. Oy!

Current Favorite Favorite: This scarf hanger from The Container Store. It's only $5.99 and it holds 28 scarves. I love it, but I especially like it hangs flat and takes up very little closet space! I've always loved The Container Store, but here's a reason to love it even more if you live close--order online and schedule your in-store pickup. They'll even bring your order TO THE CURB! That's service.

Current Wish List: My friend and I were joking about needing a homework-free school. Would that be too much to ask? 

Current Needs: A power cord to my computer. I'm not sure how mine got so mangled, but John and I noticed some exposed wires on it last week. Not good. I plugged it in yesterday morning and it sparked and popped and officially went kaput. I need to find time to run by the Apple store soon because my battery no longer stays charged all day I can't be without a computer! I managed to get by with my phone yesterday until John got home with his power cord but it's hard to do any actual work on my phone!
Current Triumph: Legal hiking! The Incline was festive on Friday to celebrate it's legal status.

Current Annoyance: Jack-the-beagle/scavenger. Argh! I made some yummy treats for us to eat while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday including these jalapeno poppers--my very favorite. I pulled a couple out to eat yesterday and somehow Jack managed to knock the container off the counter when I was in the other room and eat some. I'm not sure how many he actually ate, but since he had his face in the container I threw the rest out. I was NOT happy about it either. I was really looking forward to enjoying those for a few more days. Thank goodness for no jalapeno side effects for him, though I might not have minded him learning his lesson the hard way. 

Current Indulgence: Sleeping in! It's rare when it happens but I'm trying to get better at it. Of course it means that I have to miss my morning walk in order to sleep, but I'm okay with that a few times a week.

Current Mood: Content.

Current Blessing: Two days in a row at home this week!  

Current Outfit: Work-out clothes because I'm meeting two friends to hike this morning. (Yay!) Later, I'll probably put on jeans and a sweater just like I do every single day. I'm so inspired by people who can put together cute outfits, and there are so many bloggers who have blogs devoted entirely to this. I think I'm just boring.

Current Excitement: Hiking with friends today and again later in the week! Celebrating Will's birthday this weekend! And a ski trip next week!

Current Project: I'm still trying to pull my bedroom re-do together. John and I found some bedding that we both liked that was on sale. When I went back to purchase it, it was 50% off the sale price. I love those unexpected blessings! I still need to find a bedskirt that I like, paint, and figure out some kind of window treatment. It's a work in progress. 

Current Link: Since I'm going to be eating a lot of sweet potatoes for the next week, I think I'm going to try this method of baking them in the crockpot. Genius! Thank you, Pinterest. 


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying Wheat Belly. I'm amazed at the results they have found. I'm trying to eat less wheat in my diet (not giving it up 100% but cutting down). I feel GREAT.

A book I just put on my Kindle that I heard was really good is: Dancing on Broken Glass (I'm 1 page into it) and The Orchardist is on my list. Thought you might enjoy those two books. I love when you share books you love (or hate).

I am also doing Jesus Calling each day for a devotion along with my Bible reading in a year (chronological) (this is my 2nd year in a row to do that).

Have a good day.
Kelly in Michigan

Ali said...

WISH LIST - my kids are 3, 6, 9 yrs and I know you'll roll your eyes cause we are at the "easy" homework years but, seriously I would be the first in line to register at a homework free school for my kids and for our family life! My 2 big kids spend 7 hours 5 days a week at public school and I groan that they have to come home and do more "school work, study for test and those big old projects". I can't imagine how much hw they'll have as they get into the higher grades!

Is there such a thing as a homework free school?

Please let it be!

~ Ali