Monday, February 25, 2013

SMP 2.25.13

SMP = Seven minute post

We had a blizzard here yesterday. A full-fledged, snow-blew-sideways-all-day-long blizzard. I'm not sure how much snow we actually ended up with because the wind rearranged most of it, but John shoveled the driveway and estimated between 8-12 inches. We were privy to a small miracle last night when our district called a closure for today. The miracle is that they called it the night before. I believe that has happened only once or twice in the almost ten years we've lived here. It's nice to see your weekend stretch into three days...or five if you're my youngest child who hasn't been to school since last Wednesday because of snow/electrical problems at school since. And this is already a short week since the kids are out of school Friday. I am digging the short school weeks we've been having.

We're celebrating our snow day by meeting some friends at a local sledding hill. I'm also getting my hair cut and highlighted. No blizzard aftermath can keep me away from the salon. My gray population is quite healthy at the moment. And totally hogging the spotlight. 

The blizzard was probably the highlight of my weekend. Other weekend events included a very girly sleepover with three giggly ten-year-olds and hosting some friends for dinner on Saturday night.

My favorite quote of the weekend was overheard during breakfast on Saturday which included stacks and stacks of pancakes, fruit from a jar--probably with added sugar, chocolate chips and a can of whipped cream...because clearly I was going for cool mom points over nutrition:
"I want to be a whipped cream artist when I grow up!"

I found this photo (and several more like) it on my phone after breakfast. I'll have you know they used the entire can of whipped cream. And don't you love the nostrils. Happy Monday, y'all!
Disclaimer: this turned into a seven + seven minute post! 


Miss G said...

The ten year old texts and now this are cracking me up!

Also gives me hope for fun parenting after potty training! It's eating our lunch. :(

The blizzard was pretty fun. :) Especially since we'd planned to stay home for potty training anyway. Nice to have a fire going.


Emily said...

Yay for knowing about the snow day in advance!

In anticipation of yesterday's blizzard, we postponed Gunners dedication...and then the blizzard never made it to us! Oh well : )

Have a great week!