Friday, February 01, 2013

SMP 2.1.13

It's February! I've said this so many times before but I LOVE flipping my calendar page over to a brand new month. I cheated and flipped mine yesterday so I could ride that euphoric wave a little bit longer! That's how I roll.

I bought a Groupon back in the fall for three-hour guided snowshoe hike. It sounds awesome...and it WILL be if we'd only get some serious snow. We are way behind on snowfall totals again this year.  I mentioned the snow day we had this week but it was a bit of a joke. The roads were fine by mid-morning so the girls and I went to Target.

Speaking of Target, it's not nearly as much fun to go there when you're reading 7 and feeling conviction left and right about the excess in your life.

I found out earlier this week that my favorite hike gains legal status today. Until now it's been considered trespassing to hike the Manitou Incline. Not that that stops anyone; there are dozens and dozens of folks ascending and descending the Incline every single day of the year. I find it fortuitous that I'd already planned to hike the incline today with a friend. Hooray--I'm a law abiding citizen again.

We have a busy weekend on tap. Not my favorite kind of weekend, but it's all good and necessary stuff...with a bit of extraordinary mixed in.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!