Sunday, February 17, 2013

Much needed break

I can't tell you how much I love long weekends! The kids had a four-day weekend for President's Day but John and I decided to tack a couple of extra days onto their long weekend and pulled them out of school for a family ski trip to the mountains. School and work and the busyness of life caught up with us and we all needed some rest and relaxation! Here's some pics (and random commentary) from our getaway to Winter Park last week. 

Our kids did GREAT on the slopes and John and I enjoyed skiing as a family. We both love to ski and commented about how cool it was to see our kids loving it too. We stayed together most of the time on the green trails, but Will and I tackled some blues together after lunch before re-joining John and the girls. The BEST thing about going in the middle of the week was that there were no lines and the slopes weren't crowded. It was perfect!
 It was c-c-c-old and snowy both days we were there. I think I like skiing when it's cold but sunny!
 Lunch! We found a yummy pizza place in the village! I'm still on my 7 food fast (more about that in another post) so I had chicken wings.

All these lunch photos are compliments of Sarah. She told me in this one that she made SURE to get my basket of chicken bones. Of course she did. They were tasty!

We ended up being in Winter Park for Valentines Day so we had a special family breakfast that morning! We decided not to ski a second day but to just knock around a bit in the ski village and then go tubing.
Winter Park has THREE tubing hills. The newest one opened on Christmas day and since it's the only one we haven't been to (and because it was connected to our hotel!) we decided to give it a go. SO MUCH FUN! We pretty much had the tubing hill to ourself that day which made for lots and lots and lots of runs. I'd day we definitely got our money's worth out of that hour!

(It's the Coca-Cola tubing hill, hence all the logos.)

 If it looks cold, let me assure you it WAS! But it's also so much stinkin' fun that you forget how cold you really are!
Eventually we headed down the mountain and headed for home! Happy, but tired. In hindsight it wasn't really a restful trip but it was some wonderful and much needed time together. I love Colorado.


Lisa-Marie said...

You are truly blessed!

Miss G said...

so fun! glad y'all got to go! Kelly