Saturday, February 09, 2013

SMP 2.9.13

SMP = Seven Minute Post

Last night was the first Friday night in AGES (or at least in five weeks) that I had nowhere to be. Being home on a Friday night makes me deliriously happy. So does going to be before 9pm. I think I crashed around 8:45pm. Blissful, I tell ya.

I am thankful it's the weekend. We have a few big things going on but I'm hoping to squeeze some rest and relaxation in between. If the forecast holds true we might get some snow. We REALLY need it. We had several inches of snow one day this week and I think I could actually hear the ground sighing in relief and begging for more. I'm not the only person around these parts wishing for a big ole blizzard like the one hitting the northeastern United States right now. We need and want some snow!

Is anyone else sooooooooooooooo sad that football is officially over until next fall? I'm not sure I will know what to do with my Sunday afternoons now. Maybe napping will make a comeback! Sounds like a good plan.

Evidently I don't have as much to say as I thought I did this morning because my seven minutes are up and I must get off of my computer and get this day rolling. Happy Saturday, folks!


Brenda said...

Yes, Lord, bring on the snow! Our farming community is in severe drought down here (as is most of CO)and if we don't get snow or some good spring rains we'll be having very strict water restrictions--meaning only 4 hours a much for the lawn we planted last year. But that's not a big deal, it's my garden that I'm worried about.
Send the rains Lord!

Anonymous said...

I have a GREAT book to suggest.

LOVE LOVE LOVED it....haven't loved a book this much since maybe THE HELP. And I actually cried reading it a few times.

Beautifully written- fantastic characters. Don't judge a book by it's cover if you read the bio on it. IT IS FANTASTIC.

Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock.

Let me know if you read it.
Kelly in Michigan