Friday, April 05, 2013

April Currents

Current Reading: My friend loaned me The Red Tent and I finished that up last week. I've been wanting to read it for years and it was very good. My plate is about to get really full and I don't anticipate much extra reading time until summer so I'm going to start a summer reading list. Any suggestions for me?

Current Playlist: I constantly waffle back and forth between Chris Tomlin (loving his newest album) and my crazy, eclectic mix of Katy Perry, Coldplay, Glee, Carrie Underwood, Lady GaGa, Queen, Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, and more. I'm all. over. the. place. with my music.

Current Color: Spring colors are making me happy these days, but especially loving spring green! 

Current Drink: Water. And coffee in the mornings. I'm blaming John for getting me hooked on coffee again.

Current Food: I'm craving gazpacho. JDB, if you should read this, I think we need to plan a lunch date soon to that place that serves our favorite gazpacho on their beautiful patio! 

Current Favorite Favorite: I bought a new Camelbak last week for $6--thanks to amazing sale + our nice REI dividend. SCORE! I've always used my kids' hand me down Camelbaks so I'm super happy to have my very own.

Current Wish List: A new purse--something springy and fun.

Current Needs: I need to find some time to clean my house! 

Current Triumph: I've kept my laundry caught up all week--that's something, right? Oh, and three Incline ascents in the last three weeks. That's a triumph! You can't really read the words in the pic below but I think it's like 2610 steps from top to bottom of the Incline. This is the last step at the top.

Current Annoyance: People who try way too hard to make people like them. And disrespect. And irresponsibility. It's been a rough parenting week in regard to those last two things.

Current Indulgence: I can't think of anything! Maybe television?
Side note: I try super hard to never mention any kind of food as an indulgence because I don't believe in labeling certain food(s) as "naughty".  I have two daughters and I try to be very careful of what I put into their minds in regard to food and a healthy body image. I have really strong feelings on this; perhaps I will post a full-fledged rant another day. Lucky you. 

Current Mood: Good! Happy! Ready for the day and for the weekend, despite the complete and utter craziness that is about to ensue. 

Current Blessing: Spring weather on tap today. And of course THESE people...
(This pic was from Easter Sunday!)

Current outfit: I'm outfitted for a morning hike!

Current Excitement: I'm hiking with my beautiful red-headed friend today! I get to hang with John for some fun stuff this weekend. A new season of Mad Men starts Sunday! Next week is a short week filled with some fun friend stuff AND I'm going to a conference next weekend that I'm really excited about. I have LOTS I'm looking forward to!

Current Project: Ugh. Abbey has two big school projects due next week and those deadlines are hanging over my head so I guess those are also "my" projects now too. Seven more weeks of school. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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