Tuesday, April 09, 2013

From Short to Shorter (and other happy stuff!)

Know what makes me crazy-happy? SNOW DAYS! Our district closed schools today because of blizzard conditions and just like that, my short week became even shorter! I mentioned yesterday that our weekend was very busy. I felt like I just moved from one thing to the next at the speed of light so this snow day feels like a true gift allowing our family to catch their breath a bit. Another chance for Sabbath if you will. John had already planned to work from home today so he's here with us today and I'm thankful!

Other happy stuff...

I keep forgetting to mention that I got my mammogram results back and everything looked good. I didn't get called back this year. Hooray! Pretty sure I did a happy dance when I opened the letter with that great news.

Y'all, I have some really sweet friends. I've stepped away from some relationships over the past few years that weren't healthy or life-giving for me and as hard as that was, it has made me appreciate those who have remained in my life even more. I feel very blessed and grateful for my friends!

One of my sweet friends brought me some Trader Joe's loot from her spring break trip to New Mexico. I texted her last night and told her that if today was a snow day I was totally going to make a TJs vanilla cake. Winning! Makes me smile to open my pantry and see TJs stuff in there. Two Colorado locations should be opening within the year. Heaven. 

I got a solo-hike in yesterday before this crazy blizzard weather blew in. It was a good day for me--just an opportunity to be alone and think/pray/process while surrounded by beauty--it was a gift I gave to myself. And it usually ends up being a gift that "keeps on giving" because I return home with a clear heart and mind and am able to be more present with my peeps. That's happy heart stuff right there!
I slept until 8:15 this morning! That makes me so happy. My body needed some rest. I'm going to try making these almond butter pancakes here in a bit and then trek out in the blizzard to keep a lunch date with a friend. Happy Tuesday, peeps.
UPDATE: Those pancakes were AMAZING! That recipe is a keeper!!!


Elizabeth said...

So Colorado is getting TJ's before Oklahoma-lucky you! I know you'll love it!

Terri P. said...

Your friends really are pretty awesome. ;)