Saturday, April 27, 2013

'Twas a Good Week

I don't know about you but I am thankful it's the weekend! I'm also thankful that this weekend isn't quite as full for us as the past few have been because I am one tired mama.

John was out of town this week (and last week) and I do not enjoy solo parenting. I say this all the time, but we are just better together...and we both know it. I have the utmost respect for single parents! 

Here's a few highlights from the week...

I was SUPER proud of Sarah this week for taking huge initiative and responsibility with some school-related stuff. We've been working to that end all year and I think things finally clicked for her and she was able to self-advocate with extremely positive results and affirmation from her teachers. It was definitely a proud parenting moment! 

I was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday with flowers and a gift card for Administrative Professionals Day. This day wasn't even on my radar so that made it even more fun. Fresh flowers are SO cheery.
Maybe one day I'll learn how to take pictures with proper lighting...
 and clear the clutter (and crumbs) off of my kitchen table. Ha!

We finally had a couple of days of spring weather and I was able to get out and hike! I did the Incline with my friend Lisa on Thursday and hiked again yesterday with my friend Heather. Below are some pics from Friday's hike--Columbine Trail in North Cheyenne Canon. I love this trail so much!

 We saw several deer so close to the trail. They were not one bit afraid of us.
We passed a man on our way down and he said, "Hello nature lovers!" as he passed us. That totally made my day. 

On tap for this weekend:
Will's lacrosse game in Denver (I really, really, really love watching lacrosse--such a cool sport!)
Grocery shopping (blech)
A nap or two
A date with my favorite man! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend. Peace out, peeps.

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ExploreColorado said...

How fun to see deer on your hike. We once saw a moose on one of our hikes, but most of the things we see are quite a bit smaller.