Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Early Morning Rambling

It's almost 5:30AM here and I've been up for at least an hour and haven't been able to return to sleep. Might as well blog then, eh?

Can I please talk gripe about the weather we're having?
I certainly hope that somewhere in the world people are enjoying spring weather because we are NOT. Will had a lacrosse game Monday afternoon and the weather was m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. Here's my screen shot of local temps...please notice the wind/windchill and feel sorry for me. Ha ha.

It just looks cold, doesn't it? Those boys in shorts were popsicles. Will doesn't usually listen to me when I tell him to wear his running tights under his shorts and to take long-sleeved, non-cotton layers (we constantly go round and round and round about this) but I think he was so miserable at that game he finally "heard" me because he came out of his room dressed appropriately for practice yesterday afternoon when temps/conditions were much the same.

It's been a yucky weather week for sure.

That didn't stop me from hiking yesterday. There weren't many people on the Incline. I think I encountered a total of ten going up and down. This was my shot from the top. It wasn't the nicest day to be outside, but I enjoyed the beauty of the snow and the solitude. #fiveweeksinarow

Today's weather is pretty much exactly like Monday and Tuesday's and we even have the added bonus of a blizzard watch through tomorrow morning! Be so jealous. Dear Spring, feel free to show up any time now. I vowed not to complain about the snow but I don't remember saying I wouldn't complain about the hear me loud and clear that I am ready for WARMTH!!!!

Moving on...

I need a haircut. Badly. My stylist had a baby and is on maternity leave for several more weeks. I have an appointment in early May but it is not soon enough. Until then I will be wearing my hair up because it's pretty much the only way I can stand it right now!

I think I'm lactose intolerant. In case you didn't know, I'm a master at self-diagnosing myself. I've suspected this for a while now and have avoided most dairy for several weeks but I (stupidly) ate a cream-based soup for dinner last night and was still utterly miserable at bedtime. I think it's time to get even more strict with my dairy intake. Or see a doctor. Or buy some enzymes/supplements. I suppose I need to do a little research ala google first.

I'm still doing "7" and we're focusing on spending excess for this two-week period. In the book, Jen H chose only seven places to spend for the month (including groceries, gas, bills, etc). I think I'm going to do that too, but still haven't come up with my seven. I'll be honest...this one scares me.

Alrighty...time to refill my coffee cup (yep, addicted to coffee again after a two-year break) and eat some breakfast (yep, those leftover grain-free pancakes that I can't quit talking about). Happy hump day, friends!


Miss G said...

Aw man, if you were up anyway, I wish you'd been over here holding my sweet, snuggly baby so I could have been asleep in those same wee hours you were awake! :)

I'm ready for warmth too but trying to be thankful for any moisture this is bringing us. I'm hoping for a warm weekend for once.

If you need dairy free tips you know we've got that down around here. Really hoping baby sister is not allergic as well but it's too early to tell so I've been taking a lot of dairy out of my diet since I've been nursing her.


p.s. since you'd been talking about lacrosse earlier in the post I first read "lactose intolerant" as "lacrosse intolerant" :)

Lisa said...

I absolutely loved "7" when I read it, but frankly didn't take the opportunity to apply it to my own life. I have enjoyed your "7" posts. You are motiviating to apply the principles to my own life. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What I miss most this year is the sun! And it seemed like we didn't have as many unseasonably warm days this winter. That's great that you still hike in the inclement weather. You go, girl!