Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Currents

Current Read: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I started this during Christmas break but got distracted and didn't pick it up again until last week. I'm halfway finished and am enjoying it.

Current Playlist: One Direction. If you need an explanation, click here. {Grin.}

Current Color: Kinda digging gray and coral together.

Current Drink: Back on a water and Zevia kick.

Current Food: Seafood stuffed salmon. Oh my word. My sister served this one night while we were at her house and it was DIVINE. She bought it at Sams but I discovered that Costco carries it too (in the fresh seafood section). It is amazing! I'm also really hooked on goat cheese with almond nut-thins these days. I don't handle dairy very well, but goat cheese doesn't seem to bother me.

Current Favorite Favorite: Charming Charlie! I do not know how it escaped me that this store has been open at my favorite mall in Denver for three months (that's what the sales associate told me) but I'm SO glad it is. My girls and I had fun there on Sunday afternoon. They have the BEST clearance section...and their regular prices aren't bad either! 

Current Addiction: Words With Friends.

Current Wish List: These shoes. I tried them on at Target last week but talked myself out of buying them since I'd just spend a million bajillion dollars on school supplies and they weren't really a "need". 

Current Need: I need my body to kick the cold that's trying to overwhelm my immune system. Emergen-C to the rescue! 

Current Triumph: Found a great pair of jeans at the mall the other day. They fit perfect, were on sale  and I had a coupon. I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me (I'm short!) but these are seriously awesome and they ended up being only $25! T-R-I-U-M-P-H!

Current Annoyance: I've got a few! Our grill isn't working right and I'm having to figure out how to re-work my meal plan since ninety-percent of our meals are prepared on the grill. Grrrrrr. Also annoying is the endless paperwork that accompanies the beginning of a school year. And can you believe Walgreens put candy corn out at the beginning of August? Just not right.

Current Mood: S-A-D. School starts tomorrow and I'm not ready for our summer to end.

Current Blessing: These people!

Current Outfit: Still in my pjs!

Current Excitement: Another 14er this weekend! And lunch with some friends on the first day of school (aka therapy!)

Current Project: Just finished a big one for work last week so not ready to think about projects for awhile!

Current plans for the day: Laundry, cleaning, dental appts for the kids, open house at Abbey's school, dinner and hopefully an early bedtime for my back-to-school peeps. 

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


*carrie* said...

The name of the style of flats is Odell--I might have to get some! =)

I've been taking a lot of Emergen-C, too. Our temps have fluctuated a ton, and that often brings a cold on for me.

School starts tomorrow here, also!

Elizabeth said...

I love your current posts! Seafood stuffed salmon sounds delicious-I've had salmon covered in crab and giant shrimp and it was divine. Similar?

I'm desperate for a new pair of jeans! Not excited to try on a million pairs to find it though. You scored!

whimzie said...

I'm just so glad to see your posts in my feed again. Missed you.

Anonymous said...

My fav. posts that you do are the currents ones. Yay. I also love the ones where you mention what books you read.

Happy first day of school to the kids.

Kelly in Michigan
(blogless) :) love to read 'em, hate to write 'em