Wednesday, October 09, 2013

10 years...

Last weekend marked the 10th anniversary of our move to Colorado.

Ten years. That's the longest John and I have lived anywhere.

To celebrate the day, we took a day trip up to Divide, CO to see the aspens, where they are a little more  plentiful and more intensely colored than down here at seven-thousand-feet-above-sea-level. The drive did not disappoint.

Our children were each about their own thing on Saturday so we decided we could either force them to go with us and endure their grumbling or we could go alone and enjoy the time together. We chose the more pleasant of the two options. Of course we did. And it was a perfect afternoon.

On our drive, we talked about our ten years in Colorado. About how straight the path getting here seemed to be, but how crooked it's been ever since. 

We talked about the people who have been a part of our journey--leading, directing, cheerleading, and befriending us. People who have spoken deeply into our lives. We feel blessed to know some some truly amazing people. 

We also talked about this physical place where we live. Not one day goes by that we're not grateful for the beauty that surround us. Mountains. Aspens. Blue sky. Evergreen. It stuns us. Daily.
We do not know if Colorado is our forever home but on the chance that it's not, I never want to regret not having explored as much of it as I could.

 It was c-c-c-cold in the mountains on Saturday. I threw my boots and a light coat in the car and was so glad I did...
but really wished I'd  brought a hat too!

We were having dinner with some friends a few weeks ago and talking about moving here and I was reminded of one of my favorite songs--Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks. It has become my Colorado theme song.

My heart needs wide open spaces and I think that's why I love the West so much.

We have no idea what the next 10 years will hold or if God will move us some other place, perhaps even back to Arkansas? No doubt about it though, Colorado has a HUGE piece of my heart.


Deidre said...

Beautiful pictures!! You really do live in a beautiful place.

Sarah said...

So fun to see God's plan unfold! It is a blessing to live in a beautiful place :)

Elizabeth said...

That song-I have very specific memories of driving down the road in Siloam Springs, AR, on the way to my first graduate class, so happy to be there in that place at that time. Wide open spaces are a gift.

Happy 10 years in Colorado!

Terri P. said...

Happy 10 Years! Here's to at least 10 more. Don't leave me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 10 years on hiking and beautiful views!

You are blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

~ Ali

Betsy Maddox said...

I love all your pictures, Meredith! Colorado is so gorgeous. Whatever the future holds for you, you can always say that you lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

PS-I love me some Dixie Chicks, too! :)