Thursday, October 31, 2013


1. I caught my husband getting into the Halloween candy last night. It made me laugh because of the five of us, he is the least likely to eat candy. I had to hide it in a closet to keep it away from ME and the kids. I rarely bake these days, but I should probably bake that man some cookies or something.

2. Speaking of 'that man', he took me on a date last weekend. It was so nice. We went to dinner and then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a bedskirt. I've had mismatched bedding since earlier this year and it was driving me cuh-razy. Not the most romantic date ever but time alone with him is high on my list of loves. It was a nice night.

3. Last week I got a "change of address" card in the mail from a friend. I stuck it on my fridge so I'd see it and remember to update my Christmas card list (which is basically my address book). I glanced over at it last Saturday and my heart sank. My Christmas card list was on my hard drive that failed. I nearly cried. There's no way I can start making that list from scratch and I don't have a hard copy. Not sure what that means for cards this year…

4. I am desperate for a haircut! My last appointment was the end of July. When I called at the beginning of the month they said it would be NOVEMBER before I could get in. I'm looking and feeling shaggy. My appointment is next week and I'm literally counting the days…

5. I posted this picture on Instagram a while back but just saw it on my phone. I use lots of spirals for work and realized on this particular day that I'd inadvertently matched my outfit to my notebooks. Actually Abbey pointed it out to me. Made me laugh. By the way, I love chevron and I love that scarf which I bought here.
6. I've been working my way through some social media training for work and it is fascinating! I've learned a ton and I'm starting to feel very tech-savy, or at least social media savvy. I still have an intense love-hate relationship with it though. 

7. I'm not sure who came up with the idea of giving our elementary students the day after Halloween off from school but I want to give them a big 'ole kiss! Getting kids to be at a decent hour after trick-or-treating and prying candy out of their hands is hard! Will and Sarah have school tomorrow but Abbey is off so I took the liberty of scheduling a dermatology appointment and haircut for her. She gets to sleep in a bit though and she's excited about that!

8. Last week was ROUGH. I heard the word "cancer" a few too many times in regard to a few too many people I love. I cried a LOT last week. I hate cancer and all that it robs us of. Ugh. A couple of weeks ago, John pointed me to this blog. Wanna join me in praying for Kara and her family? Warning: read this blog with tissues nearby. 

9. Must sign off and get ready for a Halloween party with Abbey's class! Happy Halloween!

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Elizabeth said...

I just got home from my first haircut since MAY! I feel like a new woman. Christmas cards are something I love, but the process of creating and sending them is stressful. Then there are the decisions about who to send them to. I know you send a lot-how do you decide?!