Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Currents: October

Current Read: Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge. I got this book in August right before we left for Arkansas but I wanted to wait to start it until I could read it slowly. I returned from that trip and got caught up in back to school stuff and honestly didn't remember I even had it until a few weeks ago. Lame. I pulled it out last week and started reading. It's very, very good so far.

Current Playlist: I am all over the place when it comes to music right now. I've been putting my iPod on All Songs>Shuffle>Play and letting it surprise me. 

Current Color: Gray.  

Current Drink: Today begins my caffeine detox. It's for real this time. Over the weekend I stocked up on herbal tea. Ugh. I really like coffee and got hooked (again) back in the spring but caffeine really seems to affect my sleep patterns and I know that I feel much better without it in my system. So buh-bye coffee, hello headache. I stocked up on ibuprofen too...to get me through the first few days detox headaches. 

Current Food: We've had some great fall weather lately which is perfect for soup and stew. We've enjoyed some of our favorites and tonight I'm making another soup we love-- white chicken chili.

Current Favorite Favorite:
These NFL mini-helmets have been keeping me entertained lately. I've wanted a set for a long time (even asked my family for them for Christmas for a couple of years) and finally resorted to buying them for myself. Every week I match-up the teams who are playing and my picks are on the left. I'm slightly football-crazed, but guess who is #1 in BOTH of her fantasy leagues right now? That's right, this girl is. Thankyouverymuch.

Current Addiction: If you couldn't tell, I have a slight addition to all things football.

Current Wish List: I keep thinking I want to try one of these Scentsy warmers. Also, I really really really want a big Le Creuset dutch oven. I have a small-ish one that belonged to my grandmother (very vintage!) and I use it all the time. My family can eat more mine holds though and I'd love to have a bigger one but they are incredibly pricey. I just keep telling John that one day I could pass it on to our grandchildren. :)

Current Need: I need nothing. Except maybe some sleep, a long weekend (we get one!), and a vision exam. My bifocal prescription is no longer strong enough. UGH!

Current Triumph: I survived last week. John was out of town and so many crazy things happened. Isn't that always the case? It sure is for us. All is well in our world now that he is back home. Hallelujah.

Current Annoyance: My computer crashed last week. Turns out it was the hard drive which they replaced for me yesterday. However, I didn't have time to wait for technician to retrieve my files and photos from my failed drive (who has two weeks to be computerless?) so I'm basically starting from scratch here and constantly remembering files I need but don't have!!! I will take my old drive back soon and have them retrieve my pics and files--which hopefully aren't lost forever. I'm optimistic. I know, I know. First world problem. 

Current Mood: I'm in a good mood!

Current Blessing: Friends! I had dinner last night with a group of friends that I love dearly...and I'm super thankful for each of them. Another blessing? A really nice pace of life right now.

Current Outfit: Yoga pants and fleece top right now, but it's very cold here today and I have to leave the house for some meetings so I'm changing into jeans, a sweater, and boots.

Current Excitement: A short week and a long weekend! 

Current Project(s): Clean out my email inbox! Reconfigure my computer desktop and customize my settings since everything is new! Work on a wreath for my front door!

Current Link:
This post by Whimzie had me laughing out loud. Especially if you dislike running as much as I do.

Current plans for the day: Work, meetings, carpool, laundry. Lather, rinse, repeat!

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Miss G said...

I am in a dairy detox. :) We think Cora is allergic like David so I went dairy free on Friday for the forseeable future. Of course cheese, etc. keep calling my name.

You are cute with your helmets! :) Glad the Steelers were one of your picks. :)

I am all for you getting a Le Creuset to pass onto your grandchildren! I will also say if that doesn't work out for you, some of my family has gotten the dutch ovens at World Market and really like them. Also, I think there is a Le Creuset outlet in Castle Rock? Maybe?

I survived last week too! Adrian was gone part of the week also, hot water heater went out, David got pink eye . . . lots of fun stuff. :)

Yea for families back home together!

Where do you buy sweaters? I don't really have any sweaters anymore and I would like one.

Sorry about your computer. I thought mine was dying too but funny thing when I actually ran updates for once it started working again. :)

Hope you're having a good Tuesday! Kelly