Saturday, October 19, 2013

Six on Saturday

1. Our Friday nights are changing. Since school began, we've had *one* Friday night with all of our kiddos at home. The new norm is for at least one of them to be out with friends or at at football game or a sleepover or something. The one Friday that we had was because one of the parents in this home insisted we all stay home together. I am happiest when all my peeps are home with me! But I'm slowly adjusting to the fact that this is changing.

2. Today would have been my dad's 68th birthday. He was only sixty-three when he died--way too young. I was doing okay until I walked into the new Pendleton store while we were out doing some shopping last night. My dad used to take me to the one in Memphis and I have some good memories of ending our family shopping trips with a stop in "his" store. I think I'll cheer for the Hogs tonight in my dad's memory...even though this season is proving to be a tough one for Razorback fans.

3. We woke up to snow yesterday morning. We've had a few days of flurries but this was the first snow to accumulate. Aren't you jealous? I'd prefer for fall to stick around a bit longer (and it will--we're back in the 60s today) but it did make me look forward to snow days!

4. I think (I hope) the worst of my caffeine detox is behind me. I have five-coffee free mornings under my belt, which were aided in large part by ibuprofen and herbal tea. Some of you asked if I could do decaf coffee. The short answer is yes. The long answer is no...because I don't want to wait for John to finish his pot of regular coffee then make another. The solution might be a Keurig but I don't want to buy one just for that. I'd rather go without. L.A.Z.Y.

5. I've had some conversations/experiences over the course of the last three weeks that have completely affirmed some decisions and hard choices I had to make earlier this year. It's very freeing to realize that those choices, while very hard were, for my ultimate good. Deep down I knew that when I made them but it's nice when God affirms that with such clarity. Especially on days when doubt creeps in.

6. Alright, gotta get this day started. On tap: coffee with a friend, errands, laundry, and some football! I love Saturdays, especially if it falls during a long weekend. Makes for a much more leisurely day!
** "Coffee with a friend" really translates into "coffee for her and tea for me". Just wanted to clarify. :)

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Elizabeth said...

I did giggle a little when I read "coffee with a friend." And then I giggled again when you clarified. Enjoy your time and your herbal tea!

ps-we had a Keurig and when it stopped working I was so sad. But I miss it! Since I'm the only coffee drinker in the house it's not a necessity, but the convenience was great!