Monday, November 04, 2013


Never in a million years would I consider myself a fashion blogger. I don't regularly read any fashion blogs and I don't think I even have a "fashion" board on Pinterest. I do however, have a lot of friends who regularly pin outfits on Pinterest and those outfits show up on my Pinterest page.

One morning this week I just happened to be browsing on Pinterest (was actually trying to find a recipe I'd pinned and bought ingredients for!) and came across this outfit that a friend had pinned.

I was still in my bathrobe but thought to myself:
I have a red v-neck sweater!
I have a denim shirt to put under it!
I have jeans!
And I have some cute leopard-print flats!
(I got the flats a few weeks ago--on sale and with a coupon-- and I LOVE them!)
I can do this!
And voila! I created my first Pinterest-inspired outfit!

Sarah commented on it immediately after school telling me I looked like I'd been reading Pinterest or fall fashion blogs. I took it as a compliment. John complimented me too! 

I liked it and I'll wear it again, but probably with jeans that are a little less "bulky". 
Now I'm addicted to searching Pinterest for cute outfits to find new ways to wear the clothes I have in my closet! 


Stephanie said...

Cute. : ) When I do get on Pinterest, I like looking at those posts either, but my clothes rarely match up! You were spot on (and it looks great!)

Deidre said...

CUTE!! I love the whole outfit. I probably need to copy it. I got my leopard flats 2 years ago and LOVE them. I wear them way more than I thought I would.

Oh, I haven't forgotten about your week this week. PRAYING!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love it-you look great!

I'm trying to come up with cuter outfits and Pinterest (especially my teenager's fashion boards) has been SO helpful.

Miss G said...

You're fun! Kelly

Jennifer said...

I love the outfit & you look smashing in it! You are so thin - you look great! Think I can adapt that to a maternity look? All I need is an red sweater that stretches a bit.