Tuesday, December 03, 2013

December Currents

Current Read: I'm reading Touching Wonder (the Kindle edition is free at the moment) for my Advent devotional. I'm a big fan of this author. Wink wink. I'm also reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Thanks for the recommendation, Kelly! I'm only a few chapters in but so far, so good!

Current Playlist:
A mix of some of my favorite Christmas albums including:
Glory in the Highest (Chris Tomlin)
On the Incarnation (Daniel Renstrom)
Glee Christmas
Tennessee Christmas: A Holiday Collection (Point of Grace)
The Gift (Jim Brickman)
From the Realms of Glory (Bebo Norman)
I really want to add Duck the Halls to my playlist!

Current Color(s): Red and green! Not necessarily together. :)

Current Drink: Shakeology. I've been drinking this for awhile now and I like it. It gives me energy, curbs my cravings for junk, and gives me a daily dose of dense nutrition.

Current Food: I wouldn't call it a "food" but I am so glad that Hershey's candy cane kisses are back for the season. I L-O-V-E them.

Current Favorite Favorite: Last weekend I stocked up on candles and soap from Bath and Body Works thanks to great sale + great coupon! I'm loving my Fresh Balsam candle right now and the Candy Cane Bliss hand soap. The soap smells so yummy; every time I wash my hands (no less than 12 times a day, I'm sure) it makes me crave those candy cane kisses I love so much. I keep telling my family that soap makes me want to eat my hands. I don't even care how weird that sounds.

Current Addiction: Candy Crush Saga. I gave in and started playing this game two weeks ago. It is so addicting. I am somewhat ashamed to have given in to this craze.

Current Wish List: Running tights. Not that I need them for running. I wear them for working out or as an extra layer when I walk in the cold or just around the house with a long top. I bought my current pair when Sarah was a baby (she's fifteen now; a great reason to invest in quality gear) and they are beginning to get threadbare. 

Current Need: I need to make a Christmas shopping list so I can get that knocked out!!!

Current Triumph: I've kept my email inbox at ten or fewer emails for a month! I'm so proud of that. And I am still first place in BOTH of my fantasy football leagues. Yay ME!

Current Annoyance: The crazy wind we're having here is quite annoying. And the keyboard on my laptop is also driving me nuts. The trackpad isn't talking to my processor which basically means I have to click HARD and jolt it a bit to get things to click through. Ugh. Annoying. Time to start saving for a new computer. 

Current Mood: I'm in a good mood…happy, relaxed, energized and ready to conquer the day.

Current Blessing(s): Two things quickly come to mind--
1. My job. I haven't talked specifics on here much but I'm a personal assistant to a friend who is a Beachbody coach with a tremendously successful business. I get to put my admin skills to use and help her with routine stuff so she can focus on customers. The hours are perfect, the work is fun and she is just a great person to work for! I also love health and fitness so it's a win-win. I even became a coach myself.

2. Sarah is a part of a small group of girls at church (huddle) and I am so thankful for her leader. It's not a slight thing for an adult to give up her time and invest in these young girls, especially when one of them is your daughter. It is important to me that Sarah has godly women speaking into her life…especially because she doesn't always listen to me. It's a blessing I cannot take for granted.

Current Outfit: Still in yoga pants and fleece from my blustery AM walk. Will shower (eventually) and put on my winter uniform--jeans, sweater, boots. 

Current Excitement: A Christmas concert in Denver this weekend with my family! And so many other things this month--December is busy but FUN!

Current Project(s): I'm working on getting 75+ gifts packaged and mailed this week for my boss. I can't wait to see how many "friends" I make at the post office when I arrive with that number of packages to mail.

Current Prayers: Several friends battling cancer…still so heavy on my heart and mind.

Current plans for the day: Nothing exciting…work, errands, carpool, housework…the usual stuff. I do need to make a quick grocery run for hot chocolate mix and baking supplies. A cold front is blowing in today and we have a winter storm watch until tomorrow so I'm going to be prepared should we get a snow day tomorrow. I wouldn't complain if that happened. 

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Anonymous said...

Yay you are reading the secret keeper!!!! I think you will love it! I'm currently in Tacloban, Philippines where I have been for 3 weeks as a disaster response nurse with Samaritans Purse. I have another 10 days to go and desperately miss my hubby and two kids. Prayers would be deeply appreciated. Kelly in Michigan