Saturday, December 28, 2013

Six on Saturday

1. My Christmas tree is still up. I am so ready to put all of my Christmas stuff away but my husband is not ready at all. I'm trying to be nice and strike a compromise but to be honest I'm getting a bit twitchy. And probably a little grumpy too.

2. I spent some time yesterday sorting out everyone's ski gear. We're heading west for Christmas with John's family and some outdoor winter adventures are in our near future. YAY!

3. Speaking of YAY! I ordered some of these magnets for John for Christmas. They arrived yesterday (I had two items that didn't make it here on time this season--boo!) and as soon as I brought the box in from the mailbox, John said: YAY! Presents! The funny thing is that he had absolutely no idea what was in the box. We both laughed really hard when he opened it and put two and two together. We joke about the YAY! stuff all the time but it's all in fun. :)

4. A friend and I were talking over fro-yo yesterday afternoon about some of our goals for 2014. I am a pretty goal oriented person and mine are starting to take shape. What about y'all? Do you set goals? Do you see them through? Hoping to share mine soon.

5. I took the girls to see Frozen last night. Abbey saw it with a friend the day it released and so I figured I was off the hook for this movie. Initially I wasn't interested in seeing it but I kept hearing how good it was and Sarah wanted to see it too so we had a girl movie night and we LOVED it. Abbey came home and immediately used her iTunes gift card to buy the soundtrack. I can't wait to listen to it today. I'll be listening while I clean because my house is a wreck.

6. I've got to sign off and get dressed. I'm going to yoga with a friend this morning. Yay! Yoga!

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Deidre said...

Yay! You saw Frozen! :) (Sorry, had to). We loved that movie, too. Emma cried during it several times. Such a sweet story of sisters.

Have fun skiing!