Sunday, December 22, 2013

Through the eyes of a child...

I've been asking God this Advent season to help me stay present. To help me slow down and pay attention. To not let my to-do list be a distraction. To not miss the "moments".

Allow me to share a few of the "moments" I experienced through the eyes of children last week. 

I was strolling through Target (ummmm yeah, my debit card was one of the 40 million that was compromised--grrrr) and noticed a little boy looking intently at the snow globes on the end of an aisle. He would gently pick one up, turn it over to make the snow fall, then set it carefully back on the shelf and stand back to watch it with the biggest smile on his face. His mother knelt down next to him and let him repeat this over and over. It was just the sweetest thing. They were oohing and ahhing the entire few minutes I watched them. My heart melted. That mother didn't miss the moment with her son. And I was blessed by that child's delight over the simplicity of a snow globe.

Earlier that day I'd been at the mall. I was on a mission to purchase the last two items on my holiday list. As I was striding purposefully towards a tween girl mecca, I noticed a cute little pig-tailed girl, probably about three years old, holding her daddy's hand and scanning Santaland for the man in the red suit. I knew the minute she spotted him because her eyes widened and the biggest smile you've ever seen lit up her small face. She said, "Daddy, it's Santa!" and was pointing and smiling and waving while jumping up and down. Pure delight. I left the mall that day with empty hands but a full heart.

One more story. We were walking into church last week and I happened to look over and see one of my favorite little friends standing in front of the table that holds our church's nativity set. This sweet little girl had her back to me but I caught her face in the mirror behind the table and she was looking and talking to the characters in the nativity. I have no idea what she was saying but it was a beautiful moment of watching a tender little soul and her childlike faith take in the fullness of that scene. We were rushing to get into the sanctuary and find a seat that morning but the intention in that precious little face quieted my heart and mind.

Christmas through the eyes of a child is magical, isn't it?

I'm so thankful for these moments that weren't lost on me this week!

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